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Hi all !

To the people who've been through this before: when do US programs usually hold interviews? I know it happens from mid December to late January in the UK, but have no idea about the US. Also, when were you notified/invited?


Thanks very much :)

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@FeanorFor PhD programs, applications are due some time in December. The Admission Committees meet in January and send out interviews towards the end of that month. Some programs may have interviews even later in February, depending on the amount of applications they've received. Some programs have Skype interviews while others invite prospective students to their campus. In general, offers are made between early February and March because you have to make a decision by April 15th. 

@Yanaka Interviews seldom are part of a whole school's admission process because different departments need them for different reasons. Further, different fields within a program may require or not an interview. Actually, in one program I was admitted with no interview. In the program I am in, I was interviewed and it took me completely off guard. And I know of people in my program working with other advisors who did not interview. I know of programs in my school that have interviews weekend in February. 




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56 minutes ago, light10491 said:

Anyone think schools shouldn't host interviews? Shouldn't they accept you based on the quality of your application and ability? And not on subconscious biases.

Interviews can be used to judge the quality of your ability. I agree with you that subconscious biases can affect an interviewer's evaluation of you. However, subconscious biases will also affect someone who is evaluating you without an interview. For example, they might read your CV and make judgements based on your name, the country you come from, etc. 

I do think that interviews are not fair unless everyone is treated the same way though. That is, either interview everyone on the phone/Skype, or interview everyone in person. I think inviting only some (usually only Americans) to an on-location interview can cause unfairness in the evaluation. 

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