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SLP Programs with more of a medical focus: Can anyone add to my list?

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I've compiled a list of programs with more of a medical focus. If you can think of any others, please let me know!

  • University of Washington - MedSLP Track
  • MGH Institute of Health Professionals
  • Vanderbilt University
  • Rush University
  • University of Iowa
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • Case Western Reserve University
  • Loma Linda University


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I didn't even know there are SLP programs with a medical focus. I applied to a few traditional SLP online programs. I would be interested in applying to these, but I need programs that offer an online option. I don't believe any of these have that option. Does a Masters degree in SLP with a medical focus provide more job opportunities, or just a better chance at being an SLP in medical type setting?

This is an interesting post. Thanks!

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NY Medical


@speechfan222 As most SLPs take jobs in schools, I imagine that there are not more job opportunities if you focus to a school that is medically-focused. You can practice in any setting as an SLP, no matter where you go to school (as long as it is accredited). Medically-focused programs just usually offer more clinical opportunities in medical settings (which may translate to an easier time obtaining a med position after school) and may offer more courses in medical topics.

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I am late to this topic, but wanted to say that while UT Dallas does not have a specific medical track, because they offer so many electives, you can create your own "medical track". Also, they have SO many different opportunities for clinical hours, you can structure your semesters to emphasize medical. For example, everyone does onsite clinical hours first semester, but you can work with your clinical advisor to have adults first semester. And you can do you kids rotation during summer, which is shorter. In terms of classes, they have lots of online classes to target very specific medical issues such as: Laryngectomy and Trachs and Vent .

They also have regular medical based classes such as : Communication and the Aging Brain and Neural Correlates of Human Cognition: Lesion-Deficit Models,


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