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I've been fortunate enough to be accepted into several Psych MA programs, but I'm torn between two because of location and funding. 

One program is giving me a full ride and a stipend, but the region isn't ideal for me, and it would mean living apart from my SO (east coast vs. west coast) for two years. 

The other program is in a very expensive area and would require me to take out loans and accumulate student debt (I have none right now). I've wanted to live in this area however, and my SO would only be a 1.5 hr drive away. 

I'm excited about both programs, and either would take me in different directions (applied vs. experimental), which I'm open to. The applied program (expensive one) would help me get a job after completing the masters but the other (fully funded one) would better prepare me for a PhD program. 

What should I do?

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I would think long and hard on whether or not you would want to pursue a PhD after completing the MA. If you do plan on a PhD after, I would take the full ride/stipend offer in a heartbeat over the other. Many PhD programs offer stipends but a lot of us this application cycle have seen major funding cuts across the field of psychology which is creating a lot of financial stress. Don't forget that many student's still take out loans for PhD programs (I know I will and I received a full assistantship from my current offer) so you may not want to burden yourself more with an MA if you plan on pursing the PhD eventually.

Also communicate with your SO about a long distance relationship and whether or not they would support it. My ex was accepted to a PhD program two years ago and I was more than happy to work with long distance so they could pursue their academic dreams. It's all about communication on what you are both willing to do (btw, we broke up for numerous reasons not related to long distance just incase that seemed like a red flag for your decision making, haha) so I wouldn't say it was due to the long distance relationship.

Hope this helps at all :)

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If I were in that situation, I would choose the first school with funding. I doubt that in America any location can be too bad, and debts will complicate the life in perspective. After all, it is not guaranteed that you will be with that SO forever, while good education and money will never betray you.

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I'd choose the offer with funding regardless of your career plans.

An MA program is only two years. Sure, that's two years of your life and it'd be great to be in an ideal location, but IMO it's better to live somewhere that isn't your first choice and save a tremendous amount of debt - particularly if you do have an interest in a PhD later, but even without that.

I don't necessarily think that the experimental job would equip you less well for getting a job afterwards. There are a lot of jobs that would benefit from the skillset and expertise of an experimental psychology graduate. I work in a career in which lots of people have an MS in some form of experimental psychology. The "applied" part will come from you thinking through the actual applications of your work, maybe an internship.

I'd take the funding and not look back.

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