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I'm going to be a senior undergrad and was wondering how competitive of an applicant I am to get into a (behavioral) Neuroscience PhD program. I was also wondering what I should do to improve my application.

Some stats:
Major: Dual- Psychology (honors) and Neuroscience
Minor: Fine Arts
Overall GPA: 3.6 (will rise to about 3.65 by graduation)
In-Majors GPA: 3.75
Research: 3.5 years 
Grants: URA (undergraduate research award)
GRE (not taken yet...assuming I score average)
Extra Curricular Activities: Biology Tutor (1 semester), Resident Assistant (RA) (1 year)
Presented at a URC (undergraduate research conference)
Will also have a Senior Honors Thesis in which I will have conducted my own experiment

I would really appreciate constructive criticism; anything to improve my application will help!

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From what you have described, I would think you have just as good a chance as anyone to be accepted. On paper (assuming you do well on the GRE) your GPA is your weakest point. However, you have 3.5 years of research experience, which will definitely work in your favor. Letters of recommendation are important, so make sure you have good ones! Really put time into the written portions of your application - they are what will help a committee decide whether they want to interview you or not. Numbers are important, but what you write in your application and what your recommenders say about you are probably more important. Finally, make sure you prepare for your interviews when the time comes! The interviews are your chance to make up for any shortcomings, and to show that your strengths and accomplishments are as great as they seem on paper. Good luck!

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