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Hello everyone,

I recently took a diagnostic GRE practice test and scored a 156 on verbal and 154 on quant. I was wondering what the likely hood of getting above a 165 on both sections would be. Have any of you been able to increase your score more than 10 points per section? I will be taking the GRE on October 7th.


Thank you

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I think getting up to 165 is really difficult in general, although that was similar my own goal in taking the test a second time, which I've since dialed back.  I'm just trying to get above 160 for both verbal and quant at this point, cuz... this test is nuts.

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Targeting a score of 165 for each section is really cool. You must really be determined, focused and manage your study time well. You might need a LOT of practice tests for that though, just a thought of mine. :)

I, on the other hand, is targeting a perfect score (although it is nearly close to impossible that I'd get that score, but at least I am trying). I have been using and investing on practice tests to help me with my self-study. Test preps such as Preped, Magoosh, Kaplan and Princeton for now helped me a lot. 

Preped is my number one choice, it has the Nova Press and Greenlight Test prep in their platform. Magoosh and Kaplan really do have tutors that are quite helpful, they provided me with tips and tricks. 

Hope my answer can be of inspiration and would really be helpful. 

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There's been test preparation companies claiming they can increase your score, even up to 70 points! Why don't you check those out? :)

Magoosh, Kaplan,Preped and Princetons - some test prep companies that would love to help you.

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