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Should I mention my first grad school in reapplying to schools?

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I am reapplying for grad programs for summer and fall 2018.  I graduated with my bachelors in fall 2017 and recently was forced to leave a graduate program because of my grades.  Would my chances of reapplying be damaged or hindered if it mentioned that I was at another school?  I'm asking because I'm having little luck in finding someone to write me a letter of recommendation and my options may have to be with the professors and supervisors I worked with in the last graduate program.  I'm afraid it would lead to schools viewing me as an unsuitable candidate, but I think I had a good relation with my professors in grad school despite the ending of it.  

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Well I think the first question you would need to answer is why were your grades so poor that you were kicked out of your program?  If it was some kind of outside emergency or family situation/personal etc that won't be an issue from now on that's one thing.  That might be worth explaining to a potential program.  If you just couldn't handle the academic rigor of the program, i'm not sure what to tell you.  How positive are you that you wouldn't get kicked out again?  Not trying to discourage you, just asking the question that i'm sure potential schools would need to know to take a chance on your application!

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The National Student Clearinghouse probably has a record of your attendance and if you neglect to send a transcript from a school you attended, it's going to raise a "red flag" to the AdComm. Given that the grades were so low you that you got asked to leave, that would make you look dishonest and would doom your hope of them giving you a 2nd chance.

Your only hope is to 'fess up and provide some sort of convincing evidence that you can now handle the rigors of grad school. If I were in your shoes, I would consider doing a certificate in a related area (there are lots of different options) and hold off on reapplying until I had that certificate in hand with good grades. What is your area of interest within SLP?

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