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2018 Cycle Applicants


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Hi everyone,


I was looking through the anthropology forum and noticed that nobody had really started a thread where people who are applying for 2018 cycle can get together to discuss schools, questions, and whatnot!  We could start by listing our background, research interests, desired programs, and type (PhD or MA/MS) I'll start off and comment below.


Cheers to the 2018 cycle, and may the odds be ever in your favor! :)

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This is my first time applying for PhD programs, and I'm ridiculously nervous. It's a pretty expensive process, so fingers crossed!


Undergrad: University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Major: Evolutionary Anthropology

GPA: 2.8 (I was pre-med until my junior year, terrible mistake.......Aced most of my anthropology classes!)


Graduate: Texas Tech University (M.A.)

Major: Physical Anthropology

GPA: 3.9

GRE: 161 Verbal, 160 Quant, Still waiting on AW


Research Interests: Human Skeletal Biology, Osteology, Cesarean Section, Forensics, Maternal Health, Pelvic Anatomy, Feminist Theory


Desired Schools: Michigan State, Berkeley, Johns Hopkins, Kent State, University of Victoria, NYU, UT - Knoxville, Arizona State, WashU - St. Louis, USF, and Yale.

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That's a pretty good list of schools you're applying to, but I'd advise you to drop Johns Hopkins - their PhD program focuses solely on sociocultural anthropology.  You also might want to check out Stony Brook and Penn State, which are both known for having strong physical and biological anthropology programs.

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Thank you for the suggestions, I will definitely look into Stony Brook and Penn State. I'm actually applying for the PhD in functional anatomy and evolution through the med school at Johns Hopkins, since my research interests straddle anthropology and gross anatomy!

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