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  1. Congrats to finalists and sending optimism for alternates! Now CMON IRELAND!
  2. CONGRATS!!!!!!
  3. Congrats!!! wooooooohooooooooo!
  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Woo hoo do a happy dance!
  5. Congrats!! Yes. Dreading but expecting only 1.
  6. I support both of these sentiments.
  7. If it's true it means waiting longer than this week.
  8. Just called Marla about Ireland results and she said "it's generally late March or early April". edit: I wish I could down vote my own post, lol.
  9. The farm I apprentice at just had a bunch of kids last week...one of the dams pretty much gave birth right into my arms. So I've been hanging with those little guys a lot to cope with the stress. It's also put me at peace with whatever the results may be...I have a great thing going here and Fulbright can't change that. So yes, baby goats work.
  10. Totally agree!
  11. Hoping for good/ANY news for us! Happy Monday!
  12. So surprised Ireland didn't announce today.
  13. I believe so, yes.
  14. Quiet day.
  15. The earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena. Thank you!