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  1. Holy shit, that's really awful that they weren't more careful... :\ I don't know any of the painting applicants this year, but as I find out who they are I'll ask around for you. Really hope that it's returned to you!
  2. Finally got my financial aid letter for Yale! Wanted to give an update because there are so few accounts of Yale's aid on the board & also want to destress a little. I ended up getting quite a lot less than expected—24k for this year in scholarship + work study. My parent's financial contribution number was way higher than I thought it would be. I felt pretty panicked at first, but I have been reminding myself that in the scheme of MFA programs, 24k is a relatively high offer. I'm really lucky that my mum is able to help out some (though she can't meet the number Yale gave by a mile) and my partner is also going to provide some financial support. After some spreadsheets of calculating living expenses, how much I can save in the next 4 months by moving out of my studio early, taking into consideration their support, etc, the number is a lot less scary. Supposedly the 2nd year awards are better, though I'll have burnt through my savings by that point. Hopefully I will be able to only take out 20k for the two years. I feel uncomfortable and a little ashamed to ask my loved ones to help me get a degree that might not pay itself off. :\ It can feel indulgent. The prospect of floundering as an artist after receiving that generosity is scarier than paying $400-500/month for ten years after graduation. Still, I know that Yale will both personally give me the best chance to succeed & the best environment to push my practice—I just need to take the leap. Sorry for a bit of a directionless rant, I wanted to get it off my chest & I'm sure there are others going through similar things.
  3. I've been in contact with David—I applied for a non-custodial parent CSS form waiver, they're just taking forever to process it. ~__~
  4. To also add another dimension: some of these people may have been waiting on financial aid packages / other schools' results. I still haven't heard back from Yale with my financial aid package, and I know of others who are in similar situations with other schools. I don't think it's productive to say it's as simple as knowing what you want & picking a single school that you are sure is perfect for you. There are so many variables that's it's impossible to pick a program that meets 100% of your needs; even 75% of your needs is pretty tough. Understanding of MFA programs also changes over time. If I had chosen one school to apply to a year ago it probably would have been Tyler. Six months ago, it would have been Rutgers. Two months ago, it would have been Yale. As I collected more and more information, my attachment to programs pretty wildly fluctuated. There are certain things that are impossible to find out about a school without going through the whole application process. I'd love a system where schools are completely transparent about what their programs are like, but as it is now it's a bit of a courtship dance between the program & applicant. Hoping that you get off the waitlist!!
  5. For sure!!! I just got mine today as well—I'm really impressed they put so much time into it. It's really generous of their faculty. And the way they wrote the critiques was really positive, but specific enough to feel helpful & meaningful. The feedback they gave me focused on my work, but a lot of what they talked about felt very directed by my artist statement. They mentioned an essay (Cyborg Manifesto) and several artists (all very canonical) which they felt were relevant to my work.
  6. Yup looks like Tyler decisions are up on the portal. Did indeed end up only getting into Yale. 😂
  7. So ... what's the over-under for Tyler releasing decisions by the end of this week? 😂
  8. SAIC is lucky to have you!!!!! You're going to love living in Chicago!
  9. Congratulations!!!
  10. Your work is already 🔥 🔥 🔥 some awesome school is going to be lucky to have you whenever you reapply!!
  11. Damn, that's surprising about UCLA—always thought they had good funding. Guess things might have changed this year. :\ You're gonna dominate whatever scene you go into!!! Columbia vs SAIC with full ride is a seriously tough choice, but you're have an incredible experience either way!
  12. Haha, just as I was typing a response I got a similar email; though it didn't have that line about the merits of the application & didn't mention formal diversity. Based on what current students said I'm guessing that it's definitely based on demographics & type of work. But my guess would be that there's some sort of ranking within mediums. Yale aid letters are supposed to come out this week. Assuming it's not terrible, I'll be declining my waitlist spot for Rutgers. Really really hope a spot opens up for you!!! Based on the language of your email, I would guess you are a top pick on the waitlist.
  13. Got an email this morning from Rutgers asking for my transcript so that I can be placed on the official waitlist. Was kind of weird, it made it seem as though they had already informed me that I had been waitlisted. And someone from Mason Gross admissions told me in January that they had my transcript. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Ah well, luckily my undergrad lets us send out transcripts for free ...
  14. Hey, I know a bunch of people (particuarilly those who didn't come from a BFA program) have talked about the difficulties of getting feedback on your work outside of academia. Vermont College of Fine Arts is offering a free portfolio review for any artist. It's probably honestly marketing for their MFA program, but their faculty list seems solid & it's quite rare that artists/schools are this generous with providing critique. Link for anyone who would be interested: http://hyperallergic.com/363379/vcfas-mfa-in-visual-art-offers-free-portfolio-reviews-for-artists/ The deadline is tomorrow.
  15. I don't know that much about VCU, but the huge pluses for Tyler would be 1. you have a full ride so absolutely no debt after school 2. Philly has a very vibrant scene of its own 3. Tyler is also super close to NYC. I have a friend (non artist) who is living in Richmond now, and while he says its okay and there is definitely a scene there, it is quite isolated. You're close to DC and Baltimore, but the former isn't really an arts town and the latter I imagine is dominated by MICA. So my 0.02 cents is on Tyler! But you should visit both schools if you can to decide what each has to offer you in terms of pedagogy & other things that are important to you.