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  1. I was just checking this thread because I was an undergrad in Tucson. I would keep in mind the shuttles from apartment complexes can be cramped and hot and often end decently early
  2. Hello! I searched for Spokane and it seems like it's only mentioned when Pullman is mentioned. I'll be moving to Spokane in the fall so I was wondering if anyone knows anything because I know absolutely nothing!
  3. No it was Northeastern but for the same reason, I declined. It's a great program (at least from what I can tell), but simply too expensive when compared to other schools I was accepted at.
  4. I ended up getting into a few schools. One was super expensive in Boston but about double the price of another so that was out. Another program was brand new and about as much as the most expensive so that was out. Then I got into my dream school off the waitlist vs a school that is about 3 hours from me where I live now and I could live with family. My dad told me to take the emotion out of it and make a list of pros and cons. Then have other people look at it too and if there is a clear winner, probably at least consider that strongly. If there isn't, put the emotion back into it. Turns out my dream sounds better when compared to the other one even without the emotion!
  5. I'd like to know too! I was researching cost of rent this evening and it doesn't seem too bad. Hopefully someone going will want a roommate
  6. I happy cried! I was incredibly happy when I got into other schools but this was the happiest!!
  8. I just created one but put WSU first in the title oops oh well
  9. Made a group for WSU/EWU! Just search for it, I'll add a link later!!
  10. It's between that and another school both of which gave me an end of April deadline to accept and pay my deposit. Northeastern is however double the price of the other school. So I don't know yet.
  11. Hello! I am currently waiting on 3 waitlists all of which I'd probably accept over the school I'm accepted to and am planning on accepting. That school I don't have to pay a deposit until the 26th. How long are you guys waiting for waitlists and letting that keep you from picking a school?
  12. It was for me! I work at a clinic that really needed people which made them take more than those who had done ABA before! I would contact clinics in small towns and not large companies, large companies tend to draw people with higher qualifications it seems. Most have to train you the way they track their data and handle different things so I would definitely just apply!
  13. I want to know all about it!!! What are your reasons for it being so wonderful?
  14. Does anyone have any thoughts or opinions about this program? Thanks!
  15. Agreed, the other school I got into is also super expensive. However, the tuition is slightly slower than my other school which with the cost of living makes it about equal. So I'm leaning towards it until I know about waitlists. I'd like to figure out how much it would be to commute. Also congrats to you too!