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  1. That makes sense! Do you know how much deposits are typically?
  2. I'm not saying don't go to WSU but apparently some people accept and then decline later when they get in somewhere else
  3. Haha, thanks I appreciate all of the support possible. My mom laughed at me. We live in Indiana and most likely, she'll be the one to help pack up the car and help me drive to wherever I go. She was like you had to pick a school the furthest away from us?!? I'm from AZ and we already did that move, so might as well make it even longer!
  4. I was waitlisted at WSU! It's my first choice so I'm really hoping on this one!
  5. I'm pretty sure that was the only week of interviews overall.
  6. It would be the emails on the applications, they don't email the portal. If it was on the portal, they would email you to check the portal. But based on previous years, they just email you.
  7. WSU starts telling people Friday, they sent out an email saying that. RMUofHP's application is due the 1st so I doubt it'll be this week at the very least.
  8. I'm an ABA therapist so if any of you have any questions, I can answer them!
  9. Yeah I saw that on WWU's website a bit ago and will only start getting nervous when I see other people posting on the survey page
  10. They're personalized.
  11. Yeah if you professors in mind, you can casually ask now. It's the polite thing to do. You are probably best case scenario though. professors can/will do it even they're only due at the end of the same semester
  12. I am but the survey page shows they wait till the end of the month.
  13. From this year and previous years, it seems there's a tier one and then everyone else.
  14. I actually don't think they can. Another school I'm on the waitlist explicitly told us they can't tell us. They mentioned it's changing constantly(people declining to be on it or people accepting their acceptance, etc) Pacific has a ranked one it seems since there's a tier one and others don't have a ranked one. Haha I've already told Diana it's my top school and asked questions. I hope it did something.