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  1. @Goals Apparently the results for MPH health promotion went out some time last week but nothing from MPH Epi yet. The wait is killing me. I'm tired of looking for things to do and not jump everything my phone buzzes.
  2. I have heard absolutely nothing from Western. It's been more than 3 months. It feels like they forgot about my application. I've contacted them twice but got the same reply. I'm again turning to gc for some sane advice. Can anyone suggest me an online statistics course that I could take which would be recognised in Canadian universities?
  3. I think they are talking about dlsph mph program. Someone mentioned about getting into their health promotion stream.
  4. Congratulations to all who got admitted!! I'v got a rejection from McMaster(wasn't my top choice but it still hurt). I have heard absolutely nothing from MSc Epi at Western. Emailed them and got a very generic reply along the line of they will let us know as soon as possible but it's been more than 3 months now and I know of people who got accepted mid March so I'm not very hopeful. Anxiously waiting to hear back from Uoft Epi stream. More now that the admissions for health promotion stream have already gone out. All the best to everyone who is still waiting to hear back like me. :-)
  5. @epi2017 Thank you for your reply and congratulations on your acceptance. I have not much hope left from Western which is a bummer because it was one of my top choice school and I was looking forward to being given a chance to work with a specific professor. I feel weird that I have heard absolutely nothing from them in in months. Sigh.
  6. Is anyone still waiting to hear back from MSc Epi at Western? I've read that some got a rejection and some got acceptances too but I've heard absolutely nothing from them.
  7. @j12356 Was it for the mph program at McMaster? How were you notified?
  8. Congratulations:)
  9. @epi2017 Hopefully you are right. All the best for your interview. I knew from previous years threads that they conducted one. Thank you for letting me know. Need to keep myself busy this weekend. Thankfully work will keep me from updating my email every 10 minutes.
  10. @mariont19 As far as I could collect from the previous years threads McMaster and Guelph both send their first round of acceptance around mid to late March. People were through hearing back till May. Hope this helps. All the best for you applications.
  11. Anyone wants to claim the western University interview posted on the results page? I have been going crazy waiting to hear back from them.
  12. From the previous years thread I know that they send out early acceptances for certain branches like occupation and environmental health and nutrition.
  13. @joelcollard6 Congratulations on your acceptance
  14. Got my first rejection today. Feeling pretty bummed right now. It was my top choice school. I hoped I would at least be Waitlisted first. Oh well 3 more schools to go. Let's hope for the best.