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  1. Thanks for keeping us anxious waiters posted!! I also saw on the results board that someone got accepted to Riverside off the wait list--hoping it was one of you guys @cj cregg @eatthatbee or soon will be!!
  2. Nice!! What programs are you choosing between? And I'd love to know what your area is, if you don't mind
  3. Hi everyone! How are the waitlist situations coming along? I think @KikiDelivery was accepted into the University of Iowa from the waitlist so there's some movement there! If anyone else has had success so far, let us know. I want to live vicariously through you
  4. How accurate do you guys think these statistics are as far as job placement rates go?
  5. Oh I see! Honestly I just scrolled through a few pages and looked for people with the most circles next to their names Are you applying from undergrad then? How has it been for you??
  6. Congrats!! Can I ask what your area is?
  7. Sorry about that!!! But thank you both for responding and thank you @Old Bill for the insight!
  8. I was just looking back through this thread and I have the same worries!! Perhaps one of our more experienced GC peers has some insight? @Old Bill? @orphic_mel528? @Yanaka? (Just throwing out some names I see pop up quite a bit )
  9. Same And thank you @Silabus! We'll def keep you updated.
  10. This guy! *obnoxiusly points to self with both thumbs* I asked about those acceptances on the 2017 acceptance thread but crickets so far. I don't know what to think. A part of me wants to believe those acceptances were faked by a troll, but maybe we're just waiting longer for our rejections letters /: or, on a more positive note, maybe a waitlisting! What do you think?
  11. I'm so sorry :((( I think there are still programs accepting applications, and if not--take the year to buff up your writing sample/statement of purpose and research more programs. This is not the end!! Can I ask how many programs you applied to? Just the one MA and several PhD I'm assuming? (I did the same)
  12. O Brandeis, Brandeis, wherefore art thou Brandeis?
  13. Would anyone like to claim that Brandeis acceptance?
  14. Congrats on the waitlist Can I ask what your area is?
  15. Aw I like that. I'm trying to stay positive over here but so far I've had 1 definite rejection, two implied, and one waitlist, with still 3 schools to hear anything from! I did get into a small state university masters program, so I know I'll have something to do in the fall at least. If that's where I end up then I'll try again with an MA :))