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  1. A bit sad leaving my undergrad community in a week or so. Then leaving the place I spent the past 22 year in in a few months. Very excited for my adventures in Riverside.
  2. Depends on how fast fall grades get into the gradebook. A lot of applications are due in January, so unless your school's fall goes late or takes a very long time to update your transcript, yeah, they'll see it. If I were you I'd see if a letter can explain away the C, make the writing sample show you in fact can do good work, and apply to some PhD programs that look like a tight fit.
  3. Congratulations!
  4. Echoing fuzzylogician, I've heard one popular strategy among those who can finish early is to try to get a job and stay in grad school just until you can get a good job elsewhere. I do know people who delayed graduation as much as a year to weather out a bad job market.
  5. Fare well. I imagine I'll be seeing at least some of you around in the philosophy world. Since the next application season is coming around soon and I found the people who stuck around from previous years helpful, I'll probably pop in on occasion. And the other subforums look like they have some good info on the part that comes after making a decision. Song relevant.
  6. I love how mutually supportive this community is. Replaces the sting of turning down a good offer with the pleasant knowledge someone else will get it. (While this could be true even without the community, it feels more personal this way.)
  7. If you're very sure you won't change your mind and are willing to sacrifice some happiness to work with the Berkeley people, go there. If you are willing to work harder to make MIT work for the sake of the happiness or see the chance of switching interests to something MIT excels in, go there. Five to seven years is a fairly long while. I would consider what you want to do in those years and go wherever will best enable doing that. (I know you said Ab initio calculations in condensed matter. Is that all you want to do?)
  8. Also removed from Notre Dame waitlist.
  9. I don't know what good berating mano is going to do. As to the situation at hand, you can ask, you'd be unwise to expect. That the decision day is a Saturday (and on a holiday weekend no less!) is unfortunate since it means less chance of contacting people, especially faculty. So do what you can. That said, one extra day (Easter) is thus unlikely to help much unless you're somewhere that doesn't celebrate. Or, I suppose if you're truly busy, then you might benefit. Given the gravity of the decision and unlikeliness of an extension, you'd be well-off to clear your schedule and figure it out.
  10. Declined Arizona. In case someone here gets the waitlist offer and is curious, everyone there seemed to be sharp philosophers and kind people, but the fit is better for me at UCR. It was a tough decision.
  11. Accepted offer from UC Riverside
  12. Congratulations! I guess an undone rejection is the possible consequence of not having a limbo system...
  13. There's no official standard. If you're waiting on a waitlist(s) to see if you get in, I'd email the school you'd go to otherwise and ask for a specific deadline. (If you're just indecisive, I would pick by the early morning.)
  14. Declined Florida State.
  15. My thinking is one in the hand is worth two in the bush. I also didn't apply for any MAs, though. While true, I do wonder how much 1. How good the graduate education itself is and 2. How strong the students themselves are skews this. The top programs usually get really good students and probably have some very good education. Granted, the good education is just another reason to want to be in such a program. That said, fit can be very important for learning. Transferring PhD programs is a thing some people do. If you think you'd do well at the already-well-ranked program, you might be best off taking it and seeing if you can "move up" in two years.