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  1. @Connie @ TheArtofApplying Thank you so much for your lengthy and thoughtful response! I am definitely planning to visit with my spouse to help with the future decision-making process, but I really am trying to get as much info as possible beforehand because it's not that much time to make a decision. I had a feeling that Sanford's cohort was younger, but that's okay as we are both on the younger side too. Thanks again!
  2. I don't know about useless words (probably because I can't remember them), but I did enjoy learning about even more commonly used words in English that come from other languages, such as pariah (Tamil) and amuck (Malay). That's one thing I always find super interesting and seems to have stuck with me more than most of the GRE words
  3. I'm just now realizing how much money I spent.... I probably could have asked for application waivers (no schools had them outright), but it was a long process already and didn't want to deal with it. GRE Costs, incl Prep & additional score reports ( $390) and 6 Apps ranging from $55-90 ($375) = ~$765 total Thankfully no costs for transcripts or anything like that (okay maybe a few stamps) as my undergrad sends for "free" ( I like to think that is was part of our tuition).
  4. This is so so important. Thank you for putting this out in the open and sharing all our your worries with others. I feel like most of us can relate to "imposter syndrome" at some point in our lives, but for others, like me, it's a constant daily battle. The rational side of me is saying I shouldn't be so concerned and worried about what others think and that I am doing just fine. Then the anxiety side/my personal history is saying I am not good enough. I just do my best to remind myself that my background is exactly why I am want to study and get a master's and that if it doesn't work out, then I just take a break and try again. I used to be so afraid of "putting myself out there" as they say, but I have slowly learned with much belief and support from others that I am worth it and that I can do this (whatever this is what I want to do). Of course, I am still anxious and feel this syndrome, but not nearly as much as I used too. And although understandable, the waiting around definitely doesn't help especially when we are mostly all used to instantaneous things in our lives!
  5. Hi everyone, I know this thread is a bit old - but I have a few questions related to Duke that I can't find on the website or elsewhere. As my ultimate decision will include a bunch of factors, I am trying to get a jump-start on learning as much as possible prior to admissions and funding decisions in March. Do you know of MPP students taking undergrad language courses at Duke? Is this advisable with the courseload? I know at other schools this is possible, and it's important to me that I be able to learn Hindi while completing my master's so that I can converse with my spouse's family. What about a part-time job/volunteering? Again in the vain of is this advisable with the course load? I am used to being quite busy with things outside of academia, and would like to be able to continue that to an extent. I know that this is of course an option and there are lots of student organizations, but I am curious if the course-load is so heavy that you don't really have time to do much outside. Family/Work/Life Balance given the courseload and the Durham area? I would be moving with my spouse and hoping for a decent family/work/academia/life balance, but I am not sure how family friendly the program is. I think that's it! Thanks for any and all insight you might have!
  6. Deadlines are not suggestions. If they give a date, you need to submit it by then. Just follow whatever the school says. From my understanding, it depends on the program. Some won't review any applications fully until after the deadline, while others might start reviewing yours as soon as they have everything they need (including recommendations). I would not wait until the last minute, and would submit as soon as you have everything ready to go. Obviously, if you need the time to finalize things, take it, but don't stress over every little detail and submit last minute (also for your own sanity so you are not stressing).
  7. As I am finishing up applications and already getting antsy, figured I'd actually make myself visible on this forum instead of just reading secretly. Undergrad: Top 15 Liberal Arts College, 3.43 GPA, 3.61 last two years, Government Major Schools Applied to: Brandeis Heller, Duke Sanford, UMichigan Ford, Georgetown McCourt, UMass Amherst SPP, Northeastern SPPUA GRE: 161 V/ 157 Q /4.5 AWA Experience: will be 2 years post-grad before entering, working at an Education Legal Non-Profit. also various internships related to focus including attending UN Committee sessions for one internship. Lots of leadership activities for extracurriculars too. I think I have my heart set on Heller because of my focus on Child & Family Policy, but Duke and Michigan are also great possibilities. As my spouse lives in Massachusetts doing a PhD, I applied to more schools in MA as a backup. Major concern is funding but I think I am a strong applicant with a great background and direct focus, including a good SOP and letters of rec (despite my slightly low overall GPA and lower than I wanted GRE scores). So it's now just waiting until March.... *Fingers crossed for everyone*