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  1. Got a no from the Berkeley waitlist, so this process is over for me!
  2. I'll be declining UT Austin shortly.
  3. Just declined UNC Chapel Hill.
  4. Accepted off the waitlist at Rutgers!!!!
  5. Thank you! I am still waiting to see how the other waitlists turn out (though I certainly wish I could make a decision sooner...).
  6. Accepted off the UNC waitlist today.
  7. Hi there! I haven't been told about the visit days, but I too am puzzled by this. I'm planning to ask more about the waitlist and a possible visit soon, so I can let you guys know once I have a little more info. Do we know who was sending out the first round notifications? Maybe that affected when I was notified?
  8. Same; I had assumed rejection until now, so it was quite the surprise!
  9. Just got word today that I'm waitlisted at UNC!
  10. I've had two of my professors recommend that I ask questions as though I were an admitted student. Specifically, one of them mentioned that I should think about the things I'd want to know in order to choose between program X and my other options - especially if I got a last minute offer on April 15th. Given the unpredictability of waitlists this could very well happen, so it's good to be prepared for that in advance! (And, if you need to decline, it's a courtesy to others on the same list). I definitely feel this pressure too though.
  11. @Coconuts&Chloroform I feel very much the same (and was also hesitant to take up offers to speak with professors one-on-one, knowing that I'm feeling rather rusty). But to echo others, it seems like the visits are really there to answer any questions you have and help you get a sense of whether the program is the best fit for you
  12. Rejection from Michigan.
  13. Same! Just the opportunity to visit is totally thrilling, I am so excited!
  14. Hahaha, point taken. Given the unpredictability of it all though, I am quite alright with however things shake out (and would be thrilled if we ended up as interlocutors!). I'm just here to offer any helpful information I've dug up along the way!
  15. Yay! That sounds like excellent news then (re: interest fit). And yeah, it's tough to beat Rutgers' placement record! Are you planning to go out for the official visiting days?