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  1. That's really strange that they haven't gotten back to you!
  2. I would ask them about that official letter. You got the unofficial one, right? So it might have just been an oversight on their part. I think at this point in the game it's fine to ask.
  3. Hi! It me. I've gotten both the informal letter and the formal acceptance. This is in addition to a status update on the website. I believe there may also be a waitlist, though I don't know whether is is "visible" or "invisible." I think someone in the FB group is turning down their Brandeis offer, so perhaps this will help! Also, I will be attending in the fall! Hooray!
  4. I got mine last week (also via the portal) as well. It had all the funding info in it.
  5. Sounds like we might!
  6. Thanks, UBC was/still is my dream school but it looks like for now it's Brandeis for me (they have offered some funding with the potential for more). I suppose I will complete a MA in philosophy and then reapply from a better position.
  7. Got my "official" rejection from UBC today. Also solicited a response from Simon Fraser and am rejected as well. So long, Vancouver!
  8. I've just been finding the corresponding email in my inbox and using the link that they send you.
  9. Thanks. And they emailed me personally because I had done a lot to cultivate a relationship with them over the past year.
  10. Someone on the results board posted that they got rejected from BC but they meant to post BU.
  11. Welp, got my UBC rejection. This one really hurts. I had a great relationship with my person of interest and they personally emailed me my rejection. I'm honestly kind of shocked that I didn't even make the MA program, let alone a wait-list.
  12. Which post? Edit: nevermind, I found it. xD
  13. This is very helpful, thanks! 2 will be satisfied this coming Wednesday, so I'll give it a bit more time.
  14. Ah! I just re-read my email and you are correct! Thanks for pointing that out. I did not read it carefully because I was really excited, I think. That actually solves my problem!
  15. Yeah, I am in at Brandeis (MA) and got my notification on Wednesday but they are only giving us 3 weeks to decide which makes me especially nervous because I think I might be on at least 1 invisible wait-list. I think I am going to wait two weeks, and then just ask everywhere that I haven't heard from.