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  1. I sent in my deposit for SAIS two days ago! Extremely excited for Nanjing in the fall! Would love to connect on Facebook or Linkedin with any other gradcafe-ers who have also decided to go with SAIS
  2. I've been accepted as well! 6/6 is a pretty good feeling! Congratulations to you both, @lanhoang @cbx2v !!!!!!! I believe it would have been mentioned in the acceptance letter. I didn't receive any funding either. Looking like SAIS or maybe Fletcher for me !! No frowns here.
  3. Likewise.
  4. The program seems pretty awesome. Those interested should note that you do not need to have studied Chinese or necessarily have any background in China-related stuff either to be a competitive applicant. The students in the first class boasted extremely impressive resumes and had a wide range of backgrounds. Tsinghua's campus is beautiful, by the way, and very close to the other bar-none top university in China, Peking University (which has a similar program called Yenching Academy). Both are located near the Wudaokou neighborhood of Beijing, which is a student & expat hub with great restaurants, bars and clubs.
  5. Anybody else accepted to the Hopkins Nanjing Center Certificate + SAIS MA 5 semester option? Got $50k fellowship for total program here. Is more than I was offered from Fletcher and Elliott ($28k) and SIPA (nothing, ha). Waiting to hear from Georgetown, but this was my top choice. Barring some huge surprise, my decision will be an easy one.
  6. I wonder if this is a strategic psychological play to make us want to attend SFS the most after having to wait so long. Playing hard to get.