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  1. Yeah, from Riverside, CA—not UCR. Still wondering about their waitlist, so it was annoying.
  2. Spam call from Riverside just now. Cool.
  3. Another day of me wondering what the heck is going on with Riverside and Austin and their waitlists. I'm still hesitant to contact them, but also remaining hopeful that I'll either hear back soon or someone else will contact them.
  4. I couldn't wait any longer. I emailed Indiana. They promptly responded: there is a letter on its way that contains my rejection. Good to know, finally.
  5. Anyone planning to decline their offer/waitlist from UMass? Help assuage the desperation of a fellow applicant.
  6. I was also curious about that. I haven't seen any reported.
  7. I had a friend get in off Austin's secret (hidden) waitlist, on April 15th. He hadn't heard anything before that.
  8. Rejected from Syracuse. This one stings as I was one spot away from being accepted off the waitlist last year. So close last year, but so far this year.
  9. Yeah, the UNC situation is confusing. I can't help but think they are just going to waitlist more, given enough decline their offers. And that's what is weird about Austin, they haven't even released their regular waitlists yet.
  10. Yes, I'll be hoping with you! Am I ahead of you? Are you ahead of me? Were you told anything as to your place on the waitlist? Edit: I just saw your other reply to me in the other thread. I was hoping you were given more information. In any case, I'll be sure to keep you updated as to any movement on the waitlist!
  11. Agreed. It's really frustrating. I was surprised to see (via facebook group) that UNC still hasn't decided on their rejections. This makes me think they have a hidden waitlist. Indiana has sent out, ostensibly, everything (acceptances, waitlists, and rejections). Yet I haven't received any word from them as to my status. And then there is Austin and Riverside. Austin has rejected, at the very least, one person (as reported), yet we haven't heard anything else from them. And Riverside is very late this year with their waitlists. Sadly, it seems applicants have had to solicit in past years to get responses from Riverside.
  12. We need more of this at this stage of the season. There are so many that haven't said anything to those not currently accepted or waitlisted. If only there were more of us with the bravery to do so.
  13. Right. That's what I was addressing in the previous post (sorry if that wasn't clear). Some programs will tell you where you are, even if you're not high.
  14. I was told I was high on the waitlist. That's it. It's different for many programs. Some will tell you whether you are high, middle, or low on the list. Others just say whether you're high. While others don't say anything. But, almost always, you can ask where you are on the waitlist and they will tell you. Though, some waitlists are not ranked so cleanly; some are in groups on the basis of AOI
  15. I just wanted to say that much of your story sounds similar to mine. It's nice to feel some solidarity. I have weird gaps in my education, I'm older, I've been, as you say, pushed along by circumstances far outside my control. We certainly are not alone.