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  1. Just got rejection email at 3:49 PM EST. Too bad!
  2. Gotcha, thanks! I haven't received an email so obviously I'm grasping at straws before the end of the day and all of the award emails have gone out bwahaha.
  3. Does anything in the portal look different once you've been awarded?
  4. Omg wow, congratulations!!!!
  5. Ouch. Good luck to you then!!! I've got my fingers crossed for you too!
  6. Indeed, still waiting and hoping! As I mentioned above, from what I can gather, decisions usually go out around 3 PM ET. This is also the second Monday of April which, as I mentioned above, was the usual release date prior to 2020 (again, from what I can gather anecdotally from people who have posted information). So, fingers crossed!
  7. Through 2019 at least though, I’m seeing the second Monday of April as the release date, but you could be right after 2019. Also, I’m seeing release time as about 3 PM EST. Could be wrong, but this is what I’m seeing from old grad cafe posts!
  8. Oh I sure hope so!
  9. Just got news that the department of education notified awardees (schools) that they have won funding. As of now, as far as I understand, schools are waiting to hear the details of the funding, including how much they’ve won (so, students have to wait a bit longer to find out if the FLAS award is coming their way).
  10. Anyone heard anything yet?
  11. I am in the same boat! I was told I’d hear back in August... which is a little late if you ask me!
  12. I dissect the books and keep what I’ve written in zotero with the source. Dissection is usually about .5-.75 pages, has main argument of book, place in the historiography, sources, etc.
  13. 130 double spaced pages (except footnotes and bibliography), 3 chapters along with an intro and conclusion. Normal formatting requirements, so word count was 20-25k I believe, can't remember if that included footnotes and bib (but the page count does). School expected around 100 pages, but more was acceptable, and I had a fairly large topic. Edited first two chapters into a book chapter being published this year. Edited third chapter into journal article that is currently being reviewed.
  14. I would also recommend taking some time off. On the other hand, I did get an MA first. Going into I did not know what specific interest I wanted to pursue besides German history (which is not narrow enough). I found my interest during the MA and writing a thesis. I also was not entirely certain I wanted to do a PhD when I started the MA. The thesis experience solved that issue for me. But, you shouldn't pay for an MA to meet these goals. And also the MA by itself isn't particularly helpful over a BA. Therefore, I would only do an MA if you know it can help you for something very specific
  15. I agree with this. Whatever side anyone took in all of that, this was not a very fun, relaxing, or constructive thread in that regard. I usually like GradCafe but this particular thread was rather shameful. It's actually the reason I didn't say much in this thread.
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