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  1. Yes, I have actually looked into that and unfortunately not really possible. @Pink Fuzzy Bunny@rising_star@TakeruK@MarineBluePsy thanks for all the info! This forum is great. Hopefully others who find this thread also benefit.
  2. I am starting a new program in the fall in a different state, and I think it's time to switch to a different bank. I have been using the state employee credit union of my home state (NC) for years, and it's a great bank, but I want to be able to walk into a branch in my new home when I need service. So, I'm wondering if anyone knows any banks that have accounts that are grad-student friendly. Basically I don't want to have to worry about balance minimums and that kind of thing. Interest rates aren't super important at this point because I don't think I'll be able to save a whole lot of the mon
  3. Did you ever get an update from IU? I got a similar email to you a few weeks ago and now I'm wondering if I'm going to ever get updated.

  4. You also got an email from IU's DGS a few weeks ago saying you'd 'likely' get an offer, right? It's now been almost 3 weeks and I'm starting to wonder.

    1. nightfarmer


      whoops, sorry - this was meant for someone else...

  5. I applied to 5 schools. The 3 rejections came before the 2 acceptances. Needless to say by the time the first acceptance rolled in I was one hot little potato (to quote Zoolander).

  6. Thanks to the support group here. I finally have an official acceptance in hand... A long road to be sure.
  7. Another Friday afternoon, settling into that realization that it'll be 2.5 days before any school will update us about grad school applications. I'm sure I'm not the only one here who is approximately 85% more enlightened about my future than last week, though. Now, after 2 years of an MA and 2 years of applying to PhD programs, I can't wait to advise undergrads not to put themselves through grad school.
  8. I will be potentially starting a grad program at IU in the fall. I know that finding housing and a neighborhood best suited to me will be an ongoing process after I actually move there. But I wanted to go ahead and see if anyone had any general thoughts about which areas seem to be good for young-ish grad students. I'll be 26, so I don't want to be doing shots with undergrads, but I'm not yet settled down with a family. Somewhere in between. For example, I went to UNC-Chapel Hill for undergrad and lived there for years after. I would tell someone moving there that Carrboro might be ideal,
  9. I didn't email them, I guess yours prompted them to update people. Or it was very well timed and they were going to send out the updates anyway.
  10. On the way to get champagne now. I think I'll go on another moonlit walk on the beach tonight (best time of year to go - no crowds or heat). I saw a shooting star last night. It was magical, and in retrospect probably an indication of acceptances to come. [All these things actually did happen, to be clear] [[Okay, maybe not literally magical, but I'm interpreting it that way]]
  11. Well, I'm happy to say after 2 application cycles I seem to have my first acceptance with funding at Indiana. The letter from the DGS indicated that I can expect to get the official offer as soon as the details are worked out. Not a 100% slam dunk, but I hope, for the sake of humanity and basic morality, that I wouldn't have gotten this email if they weren't really for real. It's all very shocking and it hasn't set in yet, since I've been waiting for this email for over a year now (with a lot of rejections in between). Thanks to everyone here on this forum, and hang in there for all of yo
  12. I got the same email! High-5 for North Carolinians in Indiana. I'm hoping and assuming they wouldn't tell us this unless they were all but certain about their ability to offer admission.
  13. Please... please let me know their answer. Thx I'm sending you karma telepathically as we speak.
  14. I'm in history, so I think we're in the same humanities boat as far as academia goes. I wouldn't think of it as 'name-dropping' - you're not sucking up to them or anything. You're more saying that the work you intend to do (read: the 'conversation' you want to 'join') fits in perfectly with scholars x, y, and z. You like the work that they do and think they would be a perfect mentor as you research/write about your own areas of interest (which ideally will more or less align). I would recommend, however, making sure you're not coming across as though you think you're already equals with those
  15. Absolutely. This is my second year applying, and I used 2 of the same rec writers from last year. The only thing that changed was my 3 month long summer research assistantship last summer - I had my supervisor/mentor from that place write me one this year. But if it weren't for that assistantship, I would have used the same 3 people.
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