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  1. can the person who posted the interview day at York tell me who their POI is? Much appreciated!
  2. Last year, my POI emailed me 5 days after our interview via email.
  3. Can you please send me your Ryerson POI? It will be much appreciated!
  4. Can you please send me your POI for Ryerson? I haven't heard anything from them yet.
  5. Do you mind sharing your Ryerson POI with me please?
  6. For the person that got accepted to York, congrats! If you don't mind, can you PM me your POI?? Thanks!
  7. For both clinical and psychological sciences? I think I am going to go for it as well. I need to know so I can learn from my mistakes! Good luck!
  8. Been a while since I've been on here! I have also been rejected from Queen's and presumed to be rejected from York (from the comments here that the open house is this week). Queen's rejection email was probably the same for all rejections but they said "The most common reason for not admitting a student is simply that no faculty member asked that the student be admitted which leads to automatic rejection. Common reasons for not asking for a student include the faculty member already having as many students as he or she is comfortable supervising or imminent sabbatical leaves." Pretty unbelievable to read this since all my three POIs were taking students. Must actually mean my application was not strong enough Will anyone be emailing their POIs for real reasons for rejections? I want to but I do not know if it is appropriate? UPDATE: Just checked my York U Myfile and it says 'Reviewed - unsuccessful'
  9. Thanks Syedahum, good luck to you too! Looks like someone has already received acceptance from U of T Scarborough for Clinical via email. Congrats! If you do not mind sharing your POI, again I would appreciate it
  10. Thank you for the very helpful information syedahum. I was wondering whether I should email my POIs for updates on my application. From the info you provided, I should just wait...
  11. Congrats to the person who got accepted to Western! If you do not mind PMing me your POI, I would appreciate it. I just got an email from them acknowledging me for selecting Western as a host organization for CGSM. I got confirmation from them that the results will be uploaded April 1 on the Research Portal. Anyone else got the same email?
  12. HAha, my feelings are still the same. I just did not know how to react to it since I have never received an email like that before, although it was nice. I will most likely not be doing anything about it.
  13. I have been actually doing the same. I was checking like every 3 minutes before, but I really had to start controlling it. So I am going to do every hour or so as well. I feel like so far, from analyzing the results page, most rejections/offers are for Ph.D. applicants. I feel like we(masters applicants) should start worrying more in the next couple of months instead of now. I have been telling myself this to make myself feel better and hope it is true.
  14. That's great. Really glad everything turned out well I also recieved an email! I was very surprised that it was such a long email. It encourages us to contact additional facutly or students at the school but I do not not know if it is necessary to do so?! What do you think?
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