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  1. Hi Reposae - would you be open to reviewing my application to Laurier's PT program? Or have any pointers for me?


  2. Hey all! I'm currently an MSW student at Wilfrid Laurier - graduating at the end of this year. I initially applied to 5 programs and was accepted to all of them. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  3. Hey all! I'm currently a 2nd year MSW student at Laurier. I also applied and was accepted to a couple other programs like Carleton, York, and U of T (off the waitlist). Also the HBSW program in Thunderbay. If any of you have questions, feel free to pick my brain. Good luck this year!
  4. Beginning of July I believe. Someone probably didn't clear their acceptance conditions??
  5. Congratulations!! If you have any questions feel free to pm me!
  6. I would imagine they have a list of acceptable courses somewhere on their website, and you could always email and ask. People from so many different disciplines apply that they need to have some sort of list for people to look at and know if the course they took satisfies their requirements. If you don't have a stats course, I suggest looking into taking one through Athabasca. It's online and at your own pace. I've heard good things.
  7. Just speaking from experience, Kitchener is a bit dodgy in some areas and although it is marginally cheaper to rent there, if you're looking for an environment that is more student friendly, try Waterloo. Your student card functions as a public transit pass and it's ten minutes up the road. Both the Laurier main campus and UW are there. If you go on a variety of websites that advertise for student housing and/or roommates you can find some great stuff. Look for listings that specify grad students. There are a lot of buildings in Waterloo that are built to capitalize on the density of students
  8. I know that Laurier does not offer funding with their initial offer. It really pained me to turn down Carleton because they offered such a significant amount of funding, but in the end I weighed my options and decided to stay closer to home b/c I like having that support system. Closer to the beginning of the first semester, I was offered almost 5000$ in scholarships. Also, once school starts, Student Awards opens up their scholarship portal and you have the opportunity to fill out your profile and become eligible for further funding.
  9. Three (max. four) to my recollection. But in quite rapid succession.
  10. Hello! I am a current MSW student at Laurier in Ontario, but I applied to a couple other schools. In terms of research methods, I found that different schools have different requirements. U of T has a list of acceptable research courses on their website, but you can also email them and ask if the course you took satisfies the requirements - they usually reply quite promptly. U of T is very research focused so they look for research experience on your application and don't usually accept anyone who received below an A- in methods. Their program is known for it's clinical stream. U of T off
  11. Hey! Just want to chime in! I am a current MSW student at Laurier and last year they sent out acceptances in a few waves. So don't lose hope yet! I also know there were a few people accepted off the wait list!
  12. Apply for OGS. Although you must have at least an A- average in the last two years of undergraduate study, and have two academic references.
  13. Hey there! When I wrote my statement last year, I did not use any references. Assuming the questions are the same this year, I would think you are safe to leave them out unless you are citing very specific statistics or uncommon knowledge and theories. Make the language you use accessible and speak in general terms and you should be fine. If you have anymore questions feel free to pm me.
  14. York and UofT are two of the most competitive programs to get into. I know that you're really dead set on living in Toronto but I think you should consider applying more widely. It will dramatically increase your chances of getting into at least one program. Many people move across the country or even to another country to attend a masters or phd program and it's only for two years. You can always move to Toronto after you finish a program in another city. There are many other prestigious schools of social work in Ontario. You could also consider doing a post-degree BSW. York offers this, as w
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