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  1. I double majored in biology so I can help out, or at least understand the gist of what you're talking about!
  2. Hallo! Currently working on a draft of my statement for Cambridge's Mphil in Health, Medicine, and Society. Does anyone want to look over it? The limit is ~600 words, so I'm struggling with cutting out fluff and including information that would make me an appealing candidate (they sadly don't look at CVs!). It's meant to be framed as a research proposal, so that is what I'm aiming for. I'd be happy to edits others' statements as well
  3. Congrats to you as well! By tomorrow (the 27th), so hopefully you hear back soon. I also got off the waitlist for UofT health promotion a few hours ago!
  4. I attended the session for SBHS and got the recorder webinar about a week later (actually a PowerPoint). I'm also wait listed and haven't heard back. Even if I do get off the wait list, I will turn down the offer because I got an offer of admission (with scholarship) to Mac's global health program on Friday! I'm about to start a full time job related to healthcare in a few days so it is a tough decision between a masters and good money. My future comes down to a *cough* test in a few months time, but Global Health will provide me with some really great experiences I don't want to pass up so...I'll likely accept. Anybody else get accepted? How many scholarships do they give out? Ah so exciting! Best of luck to everyone
  5. aw man U of T health promotion just sent an email and I thought it was an acceptance off the waitlist but just a correction to the webinar link y u tease me?! have they waitlisted everyone? lmao
  6. yeah, can't seem to register for it though...
  7. hi! just got email today that i've been waitlisted for MPH health promotion at U of T! totally thought I wouldn't even make it onto the waitlist after looking at everyone's stats... what are the chances of getting off the waitlist?
  8. Contacted IHPST and informed of my rejection. Nice email, but I'm really disappointed. Thought it was my strongest app. Didn't apply broadly since I thought staying at home would be the best financial decision. Now I'll likely be shut out...alas. Best of luck to everyone else!
  9. Damn. Welp, I'll just wait for my rejection email.
  10. Ah...see I had no idea they preferred to let people in on the PhD track. I diluted my research statement since 1. the masters is course-based and 2. I wasn't sure it'd be feasible even on a PhD scale (very novel research that would require time sifting through archives in Eastern Europe). I did say I was interested in the PhD track but academia is not where I want to end up, at least not by completing a doctorate. My plan is medicine and I wrote about that and tied it into my statement. I'm genuinely interested in a future as both a medical historian and clinician, so we'll see how this application season pans out and which degree I'll be completing first. Someone apparently posted yesterday that they got a PhD rejection...I'm still holding out for more information.
  11. I went to McMaster! I think so - thesis supervisor and program director. Both have had me for classes and have known me for 3+ years. I think my research statement was good, although it was hard to make it research oriented as this is a course based MA. Womp womp
  12. Oh man, I hope so! My grades aren't too competitive and my background is literally a degree in the arts & sciences. It's very varied and yet not specific, at least not to history or philosophy. Hopefully I sold myself well. Good luck (and congrats on York!)
  13. Torturous relief...I applied for the MA and I really, really, REALLY want it. Do you think they've sent many out? Thanks (and good luck)!
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