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  1. Duke has already sent out offers to the PhD for all GPR tracks and has notified those on the wait list. The ThD has also sent out offers, but I'm not sure if they have notified for the wait list. I would presume so, but I don't know for sure so wanted to be clear.
  2. PhD invites to the prospective student weekend have already been sent out for all tracks (the weekend is Feb 17-18). I don't know about ThD (they usually lag behind the PhD). Wait list for PhD will probably go out when those invited to the prospective student weekend get their official offer letters (usually about 1 to 2 weeks after the student weekend).
  3. I'm almost positive TT means Tenure Track with reference to jobs. Seems like you're using it to mean Top Tier?? Someone can land a TT job at a SLAC (small liberal arts college) or at an R1 (top ranked research university).
  4. Ya. I wouldn't suggest moving across the country to go there. But if you're relatively local I think it is a solid option.
  5. careful with taking what you hear from Kirk's blog without that necessary grain of salt. There are plenty of faculty (some assistant profs even) who have the same position as Kirk and haven't been fired or denied tenure. There's more than meets the eye on that one. Not saying I agree that he wasn't granted tenure; only to say that if it was for those doctrinal reasons then a lot more faculty would have/be experiencing the same thing.
  6. That being said, I think you're overselling Fuller a little bit. Why the distinction between Duke/PTS/Yale and Harvard? Why are Baylor and TEDS in the same category? Fuller can get you into all the programs you listed, sure. But I also think it's fair to say that a person coming from HDS, DDS, YDS, etc. probably has an even better chance because the opportunities for the things you describe are more readily available. At least GC students can take courses at Harvard. Ha. Ya. I don't know what my brain was doing there. I'm not sure why I lumped Baylor in with TEDS. But Baylor is still
  7. FWIW to lurkers: I had very similar scores and got into Duke PhD. 166 V, 159Q, and 5AW.
  8. First, I just want to be yet another voice who is saying the same general thing as @menge already summed up nicely: "Reputation is constructed differently by different communities" and that it depends upon your goal (if/where you would like to teach or if you're just looking for a ministry position, etc.). Also, if you're thinking about PhD later, then you want to make sure that where you do your M* has faculty that are well known in the field you want to go into for PhD studies and also that these faculty have good connections to the faculty at the institutions you're looking at for PhD
  9. Hey folks. I'm new to Android and unfortunately Accordance does not have an app for Android so I am left without Hebrew and Greek ok my phone. Rumor has it that they are developing one right now, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask in the mean time. Anyone know of any solid apps? Thanks!
  10. I'd be curious to know for some friends that want to apply there in the next year or two.
  11. I am also an anecdotal witness to this kind of thing happening, but I wouldn't suggest this as a route to take for anyone. I did my undergrad at a small bible college that is still in the process of ABHE accreditation to this day (and I graduated in '09). I couldn't get into pretty much any M* programs because of it, but I ended up getting into an evangelical seminary and did a whole year there (4.0) to prove to the other seminary I wanted to go to (that had big name faculty in my field) that I could do actually do good work. And now I have just been admitted into Duke's NT PhD program. Talk a
  12. Congrats!! If you take their offer I'll see you there in the fall.
  13. I'll be moving from CA to NC to go to Duke (PhD in NT)!!
  14. Bummer I won't see you (maybe at an AAR/SBL though!), but I'm glad you made the right choice for you!
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