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  1. Just to add to this -- I didn't receive a letter so I just sent an email to Dr. Barber. Within the hour, she responded and said "because letters have already been sent out, I feel like it is within my right to tell you that you have been accepted. Check the mailing address you used on your application, or just give it a couple more days to receive your actual letter." This was yesterday morning and I haven't checked my mailbox since. Hope this helps!
  2. I don't want to give you any false-hope, but I definitely think it is a good sign you haven't gotten a rejection letter so far. Did you ever call Ole Miss or Southern Miss to make sure they received your applications?
  3. It's a good sign you haven't heard from Alabama. They have already sent out the rejections and the other letters are in the mail. The worse case scenario is that you thought you applied to all of these schools, but maybe you didn't -- or at least not completely so they weren't considered. If I were you I would call Ole Miss and Southern Miss and ask if they ever got your application or if you are just wait listed. If you are wait listed at both of those schools your chance of getting off the wait list is high.
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