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  1. lanabanana


    That person was probably rejected after an interview. If you didn't get an interview, maybe get ready for a rejection.
  2. lanabanana

    Some Questions from a Phil Outsider

    @Theoryboi Prose is a good example of the kind of person you'll encounter who is happy to denigrate continental philosophy. There are a lot of people like that, and analytic philosophy departments do seem to encourage that kind of attitude. Not everyone is like that, but a lot of people are. Admissions are rough across the board in philosophy. 100-200+ applications for 5-6 spots. And that's just as true for continental programs. It is exceedingly difficult to get in, and having an application that reads like philosophy is your second choice is going to get you tossed in the reject pile straightaway. If you're interested in postmodern philosophy and IR, I think Penn State, Emory, Oregon, and Villanova would all have something to offer you. At those places you won't have to study liberalism or realism. You can find more suggestions by looking up the pluralist's guide to philosophy. Job prospects are rough no matter what. Penn State has a good track record lately, if you can make it in the door there.
  3. lanabanana

    The Number of Applications - What Does It Tell Us?

    Depends on lots of things. Continental schools have phases of having the “it” factor, and it’s easier to tell who’s on the way down. Stony brook is a good example of this given faculty disagreement about the future of the program, possibly Vanderbilt too given significant faculty losses in recent years. (But this is all hearsay...)

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