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  1. I just got my letter today and I have accepted the offer. My offer is "conditional", which means I have to hand out some documents. (but when and how?) I hope I don't miss anything important ...
  2. No, I have not. Iris sent a letter to me saying I am almost there two weeks ago, but still nothing. I contact an applicant and she said the graduate office has labor shortage problem. Iris told her that there are about 10 eHealth applications still waiting for processing.
  3. Same here, and I know there is the other one with the same situation as us. OK, she told me the same thing about two weeks ago. According to some discussions of Mac's others program (ex: MPH), Mac's system seems having technical issues since some of applicants' data were missing. I really hope this is not the reason we have to wait for so long or we may stay in this situation until they fix everything.
  4. It is a relief to know this. I hope this is the last count down ...
  5. +1, I sent a email yesterday but got no response, too. It is a hard time to endure ...
  6. Hi, May I ask you when did you get the offer letter? The Mosaic system system seems pretty new and some functions are not tested well. I encountered several system bugs, too. You may need to write a letter to Iris ...
  7. *Handshake* Frustrating it is ... I can't do anything but wait, sigh. I have not sent a mail to Iris since I guess we are all waiting for the graduate office. However, if there is no progress next week, I will send a mail to her and beg her to push the office a little more. Haha.
  8. No news ... And according to this post, we may wait until mid-May @.@ I think my hope is fading since there are some offers already given and yet too many competitors for the remained position. University Of British Columbia (UBC) ( ECE ) Electrical And Computer Engineering, Masters (F16) Other via Other on 13 Apr 2016 I 13 Apr 2016 To the poster below, I have contacted the UBC several times. first time I contacted them in late February and they told me that the result will be out in the end of March. Second time
  9. I am guessing that it takes about two weeks for the final offer, so mine would be sent out around 4/16 ... Instead of learning coding, I may have to start learning Canada's health policy and so on ...
  10. No, I have not received the official letter ... I think maybe there are related HL7 Python package already. (I am a Python fan, too) It's not a bad news for me that most of HL7 is based on C++/Java since I mainly use C/C++. haha
  11. I have computer science background and I am willing to help those who are trying to have some computer courses before the beginning of the fall term. Just send me a mail if you have questions and let's discuss (no answer guaranteed, though ). BTW, I thought it may be more helpful to learn Python or Rubi or R for eHealth fields, but the webpage recommends C++/Java ...
  12. I also got the letter that said I am prompted to Graduate Studies office and wait for approval, right after my interview (so soon!). I guess the Graduate Studies office suspends the process till everything is done because there are still applicants like me. Hope I am the last one so that the office can start sending out the formal acceptance letter.
  13. Have you heard from UBC yet? It is THE END OF MARCH now ... my status remains the same.
  14. I know some programs have different acceptance rate between international students and domestic students. Maybe they find the quota of international students are already full and stop reviewing international applicants. It seems that I am the last one to be interviewed, my date is 4/2. I hope I am not too late since most of you will have received the official letter then. If the quota of Mac is already full by that time, I am doomed. > <"
  15. QS World University Ranking (15/16) is released Here is the ranking of "life science and medicine" result of Canadian Universities. http://www.topuniversities.com/university-rankings/world-university-rankings/2015#sorting=faculty_value+region=213+country=222+faculty=2453341+stars=false+search= Just for reference ~
  16. Thanks! I just got my date ... it is 4/2!
  17. I met several technical issues of the online-apply system and Iris helped me a lot. She is really a warm and helpful person. The intern opportunity is pretty attractive since I want to have a job asap. It is nice to know people from different professional areas since I am a software programmer and have no much chance to meet people from business/healthcare field.
  18. Hopefully ... I am worrying about my interview since all you guys have finished. However, I am glad that all of you get admissions. :-) Anyway, good luck to me. haha
  19. nah ... I sent a letter to Iris and if she does not reply me today, I would call her. I remember that you said you called her and asked her about the interview date, right? How do you ask her about the date? did she make the appointment with you right after you called her?
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