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  1. Hi, I applied for acceptance for M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology/Communication Disorders. I realize that most universities want the observation hours done prior to beginning course work so I've been working on mine. They're now completed, however, I'm still waiting to hear back from a couple schools and I have confirmed that some of them are still reviewing applications. Would it be inappropriate to notify the school during this time of this completion? I always get a little hesitant to contact a school in the review stages. Thanks.
  2. Dinny makes a good point. If you do call them only do it once. I just think you shouldn't automatically think of their silence as instant rejection. The 15th is only eight days away anyhow.
  3. Some programs don't require you to gain pre-reqs in SLP classes. They consider you going in as what they call a "leveler." Schools that allow this generally allow you take all those classes the first semester and then continue on regularly after that. My undergraduate was in Journalism and English so I'm planning to go in as a leveler myself. Some schools even allow you to do your observations after admittance but most schools expect it done prior. Each institution is different though (with the exception of the general requirements of chem, psych, etc.). If you can't do all those SLP pr
  4. When did you apply? I'm kind of in the same boat on a few of my masters applications. Some schools just take longer than others to review applications though. It would probably be a good idea to wait a few more weeks if your application deadline was around December/January. I've heard some horror stories in the past about botching the process when calling because some admissions committees think you're either trying to sway a decision, don't handle pressure well, or you're impatient. None of those are a good way for schools to perceive you during the review process. I know that waiting is di
  5. I applied to East Tennessee State University, University of Montevallo, Vanderbilt, Western Carolina University, and University of Tennessee Knoxville. Rejected: University of Tennessee but I haven't heard anything at all from any of the others.
  6. My undergrad was in English and Journalism but I didn't ed up with great stats (I had some major setbacks due to illness). My GPA: 3.4, GRE: V 151 Q 150 AW: 4.0. I applied to Vanderbilt, East Tennessee State University, University of Tennessee Knoxville, Western Carolina University, and University of Montevallo. The only school I have heard back from is University of Tennessee; they apparently sift out everyone with GPA and GRE scores lower than what they want, regardless of the circumstances that may have led to them. They do that prior to delving into any other parts of th
  7. Generally in your personal statement you just address possible reasons that your GPA was not quite as high (e.g.,working full-time, illness, extreme circumstances, etc.). When I did my statement I was told by my university to go about writing it in a way that explained the circumstance/reasoning without actually saying "I had a low GPA." Depending on your circumstance the admission committee may even think yours is pretty good. We don't know these things exactly but definitely address it and highlight what you bring to the table, regardless of what your GPA says.
  8. Thanks for asking this question! I've applied there for the masters program as well and haven't quite had a chance to visit the campus. This was very helpful information.
  9. Now that I have finished the application process (in January) and am finally in the waiting period, I refuse to think about it. I do this for two reasons: 1) I can't go back and fix it now, and 2) I don't need any other reason to feel sick to my stomach. I've chosen to think that I've done my best and hopefully my best pays off. The waiting it a killer in itself though.
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