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  1. Is your concern more so about the epi part or that Waterloo's MPH program is general (but if I recall, Waterloo had an option to focus on sociobehavioural sciences)? I did my undergraduate degree at the School of Public Health and Health Systems at Waterloo, I only have great things to say about the programs in that department and the professors. I've also run into a couple MPH Waterloo grads who worked as an epidemiologist when I worked for PHAC as a co-op student. So it's not like your epi career is completely out of the picture for going there! Certainly try to take stats/epi courses as ele
  2. Anyone with questions about the MPH epi program at U of T can feel free to message me Or anyone having a dilemma about their grad school decisions, really. Would be happy to give my two cents.
  3. What you're going through is very common! I also agree that what matters most is whether the program's focus/courses are aligned with what you are interested in, and the connections to different organizations that the school has that you are interested in working for. Multiple schools could fit that description for many students. Think also long term. In 10 years, would you really say that the school you went to made a big difference in getting the job that you would be working at the time? Probably not. The pros and cons list really helps, I did that. As someone else pointed out, the mo
  4. Congrats to those who received an offer! Let me know if you have any questions about the MPH Epidemiology program at U of T. To others who are on the waitlist or haven't heard back yet, best of luck
  5. I wouldn't put much weight into the CEPH accreditation. I worked at PHAC a few years ago, in a department that focused on public health education, so got to learn a bit (not an expert of course). CEPH is a US-accrediting body and basically just shows the program meets certain standards of public health education in the states. So, it would be important if you planned on working in the states. If not, then there's not much need to focus on the accreditation (certainly shouldn't be a deal breaker). There's no accrediting body in Canada so I think for some schools they still want to meet a certai
  6. They will likely send unofficial acceptances some time in mid-April, and then the official one typically follows about 3-4 weeks after that. Basically, the program admission committee make their decisions (and send out the unofficial offers), but since they have to go through the School of Grad Studies at U of T to make things official, that's partly where the delay is coming from. I liked this method though, because usually other schools don't send out any decisions until it has gone through their graduate studies department, which of course slow things down. At the same time, U of T also pre
  7. Well since I don't know anyone who did an interview, I'm really just guessing here but I suppose they would be asking the standard things like what made you apply, what you hope to get out of the program, and your career goals? I'm sure you'll have an opportunity to throw in some stuff about your skill set and how that aligns with the program's purpose and all. Best of luck!
  8. Hmm interesting. Are you an international student by any chance? I'm a current MPH Epi student at U of T (will finish this April), and I know we never had to do interviews back when I applied. I guess things have changed! The GRE was never required/recommended back then either
  9. Hiya! Current MPH Epi student at U of T, entering second year. MPH programs usually aren't very well funded, in comparison to MSc programs that are generally covered (most or all) by the department for at least the first year. It is true that U of T's MPH programs are eligible for CIHR CGS-M. I actually won this! But I admit that it is not common for MPH students to win this award. U of T also offers other smaller scholarships/bursaries/grants to make the program more affordable. We also have two practicum placements (one required, another optional), and at least for epi students the pa
  10. Hi there! My suggestion for you is to just ask during early Fall (at least, if you know for sure which supervisor you will want to ask). Doesn't hurt to ask right now, but because it is August there is a good chance they are away for vacation and your email will just get piled up in their inbox. Always best to ask early. While it's not entirely first come first serve when it comes to finding supervisors (since you have to have the profile to be admitted to the program), if you are a good candidate then you'll get a sense from the supervisor that the partnership can happen. In this case,
  11. When you first paid the application fee way back when, you should have received an automatic email and it would have came with what's called a JOIN ID. This is basically your temporary log in ID, and you can log into ACORN this way (at least, it was like this for me last year, I'm sure it hasn't changed). Once you get your T card, then you can create an official ACORN ID and the account will roll over the temporary one. But at least this way, you can still log in and enroll in classes and such before getting your T card. Most students don't end up getting their card until September when school
  12. Current epi student here. Our cohort this past fall was about 40. Health Promotion has always been the largest program, I think they were almost 50 this year. So if they are 40 this upcoming year, I guess they have decided to shrink it back down to their previous sizes! Not sure if epi would do the same, but I can't see it being larger than health promo (unless you contacted them and confirmed). You are spot on about the OEH and Nutrition programs, they are quite small. Best of luck!
  13. I was originally going to post on here, but I think it will be best through a personal message! Any others can feel free to message me as well.
  14. Haha oh my goodness, this is a question that I have an absolutely loaded answer to, so prepare yourselves... For anyone else who would prefer to message me privately to ask questions about your upcoming decisions, feel free! Or just reply as a thread here, so everyone can benefit. Anyways, here goes: Funny you mention that, because I actually was going to pursue an MSc initially.. I had applied to the MSc epi program at the University of Guelph and the MSc in Public Health and Health Systems at University of Waterloo (did my undergrad there). While the degree at UW was not a formal epi d
  15. Yup, I believe it was about the same. If you look at last year's thread for MPH programs in Canada, you'd be able to get a rough sense of when the offers rolled out!
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