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  1. For a long time my background was in a VERY specialized field in the museum sector (conservation). There are VERY few jobs. After my husband and I moved to upstate New York I was extremely lucky to find a good job in my field, but it was an hour and a half drive one way from our house, which we were/are not willing to move from for various reasons. The drive eventually became physically, emotionally, and financially draining, and when the opportunity came up to leave to do a funded PhD I took it. Now, halfway through my program, I need to start thinking about what might be next, and suddenly f
  2. This is the point when I just assume that it's a no. That way anything else is just a very pleasant surprise!
  3. Congratulations to the successful applicants! Now I'm anxious to hear our results!!! I saw a notification for an email from the Grad Registration on my Fitbit yesterday and had a heart attack until I learned that it was just them reminding us to register for spring .
  4. Oh wow I didn't think I'd be quite so on the nose! Thanks for your reply!
  5. Does anyone know when OGS notifies recipients? I know that they do it by school, but is there a general ballpark for when people start to hear back? I'm new to Canada so this is my first time applying/ waiting for a response. Thanks for your help!
  6. Sorry for the delay (first year coursework, ugh), but thank you so much for your help! OGS application is required by my program, so I have done that. As an international student I am ineligible for SSHRC but I think I may be able to apply for Vanier next year. I will certainly look into Mitacs as well!
  7. Hi All, I'm searching for additional funding as a U.S. Citizen in a Canadian doctoral program (Interdisciplinary Humanities). I'm trying to find smaller scholarships that are available through charitable foundations or trusts. I have run across a ton of foundation directories for the UK and some other countries, but haven't been able to find anything terribly useful for the US or CA. Anyone know some good places to look for this kind of thing? Or, alternatively, some good scholarships for me to look into? (I'm applying for OSG, inelligible for SSRHC because I'm not a CA citizen, missed th
  8. I completed my application last week for a program in Interdisciplinary Humanities. I had originally contacted them to inquire about fall 2017 but they said that they were still accepting applications for September so I decided to go for it. If this were a normal application I would just wait until April 15, but since I am so late in the game I am wondering how long I should wait to hear back? I would like to have plenty of time to notify my employer if I am leaving at the end of summer, and I would imagine that the school would also like to expedite the process (right?). The website says that
  9. I really did just begin the process of thinking about and researching doctorate programs, so please be gentle when correcting any glaring examples of complete ignorance (although please do correct me). I am an art conservator with a professional background in historical materials (I currently work at a history museum and also work in the conservation of library and archival materials) and an academic background in art history. I am interested in studying the idea of preservation of art and historical materials as a "Public Trust," as written in so many museum and library mission statement
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