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  1. First off: This. Is. Amazing. 2nd: do you feel that perhaps adding a % accepted as found from ASHA EdFind data could be useful? At least for me, having a mediocre GPA (will be in 3.6's when I apply) how competitive a school is a big consideration for me in the application process. I understand why that would not be so true for those with higher GPAs, though.
  2. I have been going over the requirements for my current top choice school and their personal statement is to be only 300 words max! I tried to write a quick draft as practice and I hit 300 so quickly. From those who have been there, how did you work to condense and summarize your writing? What did you opt to emphasize or cut out? Here were my bulletpoints: -Briefly touch on my crappy grades as a freshman science major compared to my great grades now -Why I chose SLP and specifically why I want to work with kids with Autism -My experiences: internships, jobs, volunteer, research, etc. -Why I am a good fit for the school. ANY suggestions are welcome!
  3. Thank you for such a personal, detailed response! I think that the best thing for me to do is wait until I graduate whether I get into grad school or not. If I do, it is just more experience in something I enjoy, and if I don't, hopefully I can have an experience like yours. I am so glad you are doing well from your hard work in the field I am interested in, this is very inspiring.
  4. Yeah, I have thought a lot about this. However, my library position is work study and is also incredibly flexible... work study and flexible don't really coexist at my school. I see both sides to the coin here and agree that really focusing on scores is the best thing I can do. Putting into perspective the lack of experience I would be able to really include on a personal statement is a valid point I had not thought about. I think I will wait until I graduate and then begin pursing certification if I don't get into grad school like you said. We will see what my GRE score is though.... I took a practice test and my Math was 150 and Verbal 160. (Yep, I have magoosh for math now.) Thank you for such great perspective!
  5. TLDR; RBT now or wait till I graduate college? I am applying to graduate school this upcoming fall. I do not have a competitive GPA: 3.55. My college doesn't offer in-major classes until we are seniors, so I have no "major" GPA yet. I will take the GRE this summer. I work as a student library assistant on my campus, I do paid research with the College of Communication/Journalism, I do voluntary research for the Speech Pathology graduate department, I volunteer at an Early Intervention pediatric language clinic, and I am a management intern at our cities' new Autism center, where I write posts, send emails, play with children with ASD, and interact with adults with ASD. Still, I know my GPA isn't good enough. It will hopefully be around a 3.6 when I begin applying for grad schools. I am really interested in working with children with ASD if I am able to go to grad school, and I plan to write about this in my statement of purpose. This is where my question comes up: Is it worth it to become a Registered Behavior Technician, or wait until I graduate college and try for a BCABA? I guess what I am asking is if it would be worth the training, time, and money. How much do current RBTs get to do while still in college? Do grad schools consider this a worthwhile certification to pursue? I would love to hear some current RBTs or BCABAs speak on their experiences in school or otherwise. Thank you SO much.
  6. Oh gosh. Well. I am only applying to 2 schools due to family issues this upcoming fall---1 requires CSDCAS, 1 does not. What a dramatic difference this makes in my GPA! Oh how I loathe freshman me.
  7. Hey guys, I have been a long time lurker here. I am a current junior majoring in AUSP. I started my undergrad experience as a nutrition major. Coupled with my mother's declining health and mono, those classes killed me. I failed a chemistry class. I retook it of course, and on my GPA it is not shown anymore. Like the fail has been replaced with my retaken grade completely. However, I have heard a rumor that CSDCAS accounts for all classes (so both the F and the C.) This drastically alters my GPA. Is this true?
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