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  1. Thanks! I actually registered to take some courses online at Utah State University. Hope everything goes well with these classes. Good luck getting your degree!
  2. I am getting into contacting those schools. I have been looking into schools with lower GPA's but I still think I need improvement. The post-bacc courses will not be pre-reqs I already took this and got good grades for them. I am only trying to improve my grades for Language development, Diagnostics in communicative disorders and Aural rehabilitation. (Courses might have a different name depending on the school you attended.) But thank you for the advice I will certainly continue to ask questions to the universities and look into more schools.
  3. I need some help with searching up a Post-Bacc program in NYC for Speech and Hearing. I just graduated with my bachelors degree in SLP with an overall 3.1 GPA. I also took two minors ( Education and Counseling) the GPA for both of those are above a 3.8. But my GPA for speech is just at a 2.9. HORRIBLE! I interned in a school and shadowed a bilingual SLP, I've also been working with children, before in a daycare, and now I have a job in a school working with young children as well. I was very involved during my 4 undergrad years outside of speech. From taking on internships in the education dep
  4. Hey I was wondering if you could give me some advice or information on your post bacc at Paltz! Like how long did it take and if it was a good online program?
  5. Also if I want to take post-bacc courses, should I take them in one of the graduate schools that I am thinking of applying to or just any school nearby?
  6. Yes! I am certainly looking into volunteering, and I will definitely take your advice on addressing these issues to the schools! Good luck to you as well!
  7. I just graduated with my undergrad degree.. As of now I am working on my GRE's. I am also going to be working in with children in a school. I am looking into volunteering, but I don't think I can go back and retake the courses at my school since I graduated. Thank you for the feedback!
  8. Hey guys, so I am extremely concerned about applying to graduate school for speech and hearing. I just graduate this spring (2016), and I had applied to 3 schools but got denied from them all. I applied to Hofstra, Mercy college, and Columbia. I honestly did it to see if I had any luck, but it backfired. My GPA is not that great, I have an overall GPA of 3.16 and my GPA for speech major is a 3.0. NOT GOOD AT ALL. I am studying to retake my GRE's so I am hoping for higher grades. If anybody can help out and give me some recommendations, schools where I can apply, and/or things to change i
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