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  1. How high to aim? (Biostatistics PhD)

    With your profile you will be in the discussion EVERYWHERE. I can't wait to be the one reviewing applications one day to know for sure but for now I hypothesize there are less than 50 applicants with your kind of profile
  2. How high to aim? (Biostatistics PhD)

    This is shaping up to be quite the competitive year. Based on past years results I don't see how you don't get into one of those biostat departments.
  3. Well you are a LOCK for UIC unless they frown upon taking their own undergrads which I know some schools do. Are you sure you can handle all the Packer fans at UWisconsin? I'm a fellow applicant but based on the many profiles I've watched over the years your list looks great. The hard part is how to subset it to 8-10.
  4. Biostat MS Profile Evaluation

    I don't think anyone is going to hold that calc1 grade against you. Yeah, apply!
  5. Biostat MS Profile Evaluation

    Since you are applying to Boston University maybe you should throw Harvard's Masters program on your list as well!
  6. Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    I was hoping to narrow my research interests by now but they have only grown broader. If there is enough interest in swapping SOPs we could make a slack group. I put the schools I am applying to in my signature but in case it doesn't appear on mobile I am applying to biostatistics programs: Harvard, Hopkins, Penn, UNC, Duke, Michigan, NC State. My list feels risky* so I might drop NC State for more of a safety school somewhere in the east.
  7. (Bio)statistics PhD advice for Canadian applicant

    I've read that is the case for the US as well but can't remember why.
  8. (Bio)statistics PhD advice for Canadian applicant

    I think Michigan(masters to PhD track) and UNC- CH accept a decent amount of applicants as well. You look like a strong applicant. Check out the past two years of admissions threads and I think you'll see your list is reasonable.
  9. Best Phd Programs/Schools for Applied Mathematics

    If your ultimate goal is to get a PhD then you should apply to PhD programs. The majority of good schools will have applications due in December. You'll need three letters of recommendation, general GRE scores, transcripts and a personal statement. If you are starting to gather information about applied math graduate school then I would meet with a mentor, trusted professor, Post doc or PhD candidate in your department and pick their brains. A good starting point for 'best' applied math programs would be the USnews rankings. To get a sense of where you stack up against other applicants checkout as this forum is 95% statistics focused
  10. Congrats on your results! 1) Have you decided where you'll go? 8) Do you know how many people interviewed with Hopkins/how many accepted? 3) Feel free to tell me to mind my own business but I saw you applied to Duke Stats. Any reason you didn't apply to Duke Biostats?
  11. Textbooks for Undergraduate Statistics Major

    What is covered in your college's math/stat sequence? You will obviously see much more in grad school but maybe a little self study on linear models? The department I'm in has this as a requirement for both a minor and major in stats. A quick stack exchange search of "Linear models textbooks" nets some decent threads with recommendations.
  12. For those of you who are currently enrolled or have completed a PhD in math/stats/biostats how was your time split up during your first year between: Coursework Teaching Research Other(?) I know not every program is the same and that some students may have teaching duties waived so I am just trying to get a general sense of what to expect.
  13. Harvard vs. UW Biostatistics PhD

    Is money an issue? Have you compared the cost of living? Are you a big sports fan? Boston definitely wins there. Are you outdoorsy? I'd say Washington wins there. Any plans to start a family in the next five years? Being closer to relatives could factor in there. Trying to think of other factors worth thinking about.
  14. What do you think about comparing schools like UNC and Mich to Harvard and Washington. What would the big differences be between say a UNC/Michigan and UW/JHU as far as student placement or research focus.
  15. Ah thanks, makes sense. I heard that but assumed Shill was flat out rejected vs given acceptance to MA instead