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  1. Thanks, both. I mean, that's part of the reason that I'm doing the degree--I think I'm interested in these career paths, but it's impossible to know that unless you've done them. I see this as an opportunity to intern in 1-2 organizations of interest, and if I don't like either of them as much as I think I would, hopefully the same private sector recruiting opportunities would be open to me post-SAIS as now (I'm also trying to negotiate a return offer with my current company; we'll see how that goes). However, when you say "the useful classes at SAIS will be roughly the same as offered at
  2. I'm headed to SAIS in the fall and am very excited about the program. However, some posts on this forum, have me scared about what my job prospects will look like afterwards, and so I am considering whether or not to apply to the dual-degree programs with Wharton/Tuck/Darden that SAIS offers during the 1st year of the program. Writing to get anyone's thoughts on these programs, where people generally land after them, and whether applying one would make sense given circumstances and interests. In terms of background, I did a dual-degree program at a Top 10 university in International Studi
  3. I feel extremely lucky to have some great offers: Coming from: ~5 years at a big global consulting firm; currently based in Singapore. Prior to that, undergrad degrees Business & International Studies (heavy focus on China). Goals/Rationale for attendance: When I got into my UG program, I thought I would pursue a career along the IR track but ended up consulting to banks instead on issues mostly unrelated to policy. This is a chance for me to try a move back towards the policy side of things, either directly through the government route, at a think tank, or at a multilateral orga
  4. I visited SAIS last week and they said March 15th (as does their website). Apparently they did mean March 15th and not a day sooner... Also, gave me a mild heart attack to see all the posts from a year ago talking about results having already been released for that cycle--thought for a second I had missed something big. Maybe let's move this to the 2019 SAIS thread?
  5. Likewise got into MSFS with no funding. Guess that probably leaves Fletcher as my leader for now, with a couple decisions left to come out.
  6. Maybe this is a stupid / basic question, but why would an MBA have better prospects for US government jobs in State/intel than somebody who specifically studied IR? I've applied to literally exactly the same programs as the OP (+ Fletcher), but I'm debating whether I should wait another year and go for MBA programs or dual degrees instead despite the fact that I'm pretty sure I'd like the programs I've already applied for more.
  7. Actually, I have a question on this to make sure I know what I'm getting myself into here. What types of roles at banks / big corporates do folks typically go into after these degrees (specifically, after degrees in International Relations, International Affairs or similar--I'm applying to schools like JHU SAIS, Elliott School, etc.)? I'm a consultant to banks now and want to make sure this will actually allow me to shift careers in a positive way (and that I shouldn't just go get an MBA instead). Thanks in advance.
  8. Applying to: GWU Elliott School, Georgetown MSFS, SIPA MIA, JHU SAIS, Fletcher MALD, American SIS Undergrad Institution: Top-10 national university (US) Undergrad GPA: 3.64/4.00 (Magna cum laude at my school, a bit worried that this is competitive for admission but not so competitive for funding. My decision to go for a math minor was probably good for employability out of undergrad but resulted in a couple of lower grades in my last year). Undergrad Major: Dual-degree BA International Studies (focus: Chinese including lots of language study, one semester of IR coursework taken
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