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  1. Awkward Visits

    Only one person from my visit actually ended up in my cohort (and I'm not at a low-ranked program where a ton of people should be expected to decline), so I really wouldn't make a decision based on this. If anything it's the interactions you had with current students that you should base your decision on. Remember that programs are always in a state of flux from year to year. It's also worth noting that prospectives visits are awkward for everyone involved. People act differently outside of them, though usually not markedly different. I just wouldn't put much stock into this unless you got a really bad gut feeling from everyone (not just your fellow prospectives).
  2. Which GRE scores to report?

    I would send only the first score of "167v (98%) / 161q (79%) / 4.5 (82%)" for the following reasons: 1. The difference between 98 and 99% in verbal is insignificant. 2. The difference between 63 and 79% in quant is significant. 3. Nobody cares about writing, and both of your scores are fine. Also some professors do privilege quant over verbal, thinking that math tells more about abstract reasoning. Either score would be more than sufficient for a getting into a top ten, but it's very clear to me that the first score is the only one that should be sent given the option to withhold.
  3. Questions, Concerns, and Advice Re: Reapplying

    Schools almost always hold onto the GRE scores for up to five years. You should call to confirm, but I would not waste your money by resending them.