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  1. Hey guys. Just wanted to know who else is headed towards Michigan State University this fall? Just thought we`d do a virtual meet n greet session:)
  2. Got accepted into NYU`s MA Near Eastern Studies. Tuition waiver for the first year. This was the only MA program I applied too, and also the only program outside my major field of study (English Lit.). I wanted you folks opinion on how to negotiate funding offers. I can`t join unless I receive a stipend and a tuition waiver for the whole length of the program. . Suggestions will be appreciated.
  3. i have applied to the NYUs masters in NES program. havent herard back anything yet
  4. Congratulations !! I see you have been accepted to the MSU too. Have you received any funding offer yet ?
  5. Thank you i just hope things work out. And good luck to you too. PS: I am also a PHD applicant . The only masters program I applied to is NYU`s Near Eastern studies.
  6. I GOT ACCEPTED INTO THE MICHIGAN STATE UNI`S PHD ENGLISH PROGRAM YESTERDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE beyond ecstatic. there are a couple of professors at MSU`s english that I`d love to work with. The second acceptance of the season. They say they cant offer any funding at the moment but they have put me on a waitlist for funding does anyone here have an idea how the funding process works? What are my chances of getting the funding? im an international applicant and dont know much about the way things work at north american unis. I`d really appreciate if someone co
  7. @Crugs thanks. I have been accepted . No word on funding yet
  8. Thank you. Yes, if you have already had a contact with them prior to submission too it is alright.
  9. were you in touch with the POIs before the application process too? Or did you email them after submitting your application? Just wanted to know isnt it risky to do do after putting up the formal application...
  10. I am not freaking over being an international applicant, what I am worried about is my GRE. It is a little too low. Well all I can do at the moment is just hope my TOEFL makes up for the GRE
  11. hi. I am new to this forum and found the discussions very helpful. I wanted to know is there any chance to get accepted into PHD English Programs at the top schools like Cornell, Brown, Upenn etcetera without a publication to your name? I am an International applicant. Scored 105 in the TOEFL. GRE 155 verbal 135 quantitative and 4 Analytical. I have been an A* student throughout my academic career and graduated with a disinction. My writing samples were alright, not as good as they could have been but pretty good nevertheless. The SOP was OK . The LOR`s were written by professors who tau
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