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  1. Has anyone here by chance been accepted to the University of South Carolina and not decided yet?
  2. That's not a very exact topic, but actually rather broad. I second the "ask your professor" suggestion.
  3. I noticed a couple Stanford applicants on the results page expressing confusion over the "Official Document Requests" thing that suddenly showed up on the application status page at Stanford this past week. I just talked to someone in the linguistics department there and it seems that is not an actual request for those documents so there's no need to pay the fee to send them if your checklist doesn't show that they're missing.
  4. I lived in SF from 2009-2012 frugally on about $22k-$24k per year. My rent for most of that time was $750 with 1 roommate. The place was quite small but very nice. It was in the Outer Richmond, which is a nice residential area but not exactly centrally located. But, that was almost 5 years ago. I still have friends living there and rents throughout the city have basically doubled. You can probably make it work with the kind of stipend you have, but unless you're going to SF State, I would suggest that you don't bother. Commuting in and out of SF is a hassle unless you live next to a BART station and rents in the East Bay are significantly cheaper. I've been told by friends that the city has changed anyway because the people that made it an interesting place have been forced out by the rising costs.
  5. Thank you for the reply. The only non-US school I'm applying to is the University of Toronto. I feel fairly confident about my SOPs and LORs, but research experience is another area that is hard for me to gauge. I did an honors thesis as an undergrad and, obviously, am finishing an MA thesis, and I've also had a research assistantship for the duration of my MA as well, but I have no publications nor any conference presentations due to always taking a larger than normal class load. I'm looking for opportunities this semester, but it's too late to show up on the applications. I imagine that all counts as research experience, but I'm not necessarily confident that it's significant enough in light of my current grades.
  6. I'm not sure if this is the best sub-forum to post in, so bare with me. I'm currently finishing my MA at the University of Quebec in Montreal and, as an American, I'm at a loss for interpreting my grades and what they might mean for my chances of getting into the PhD programs I just finished applying to. I finished my undergrad with nearly a 4.0, but I can't seem to pull off an A+ in any of my MA classes (currently at 3.95/4.30). Part of this, I'm guessing, is due to the language barrier. I studied French for a very short period of time before deciding to go to a francophone university, mainly as a personal challenge to myself, but I'm wondering if it's simply rare for students to get A+'s in Quebec. I vaguely recall hearing that this is the case in France, where they also use a 4.3 scale for GPAs, so perhaps it's similar? Basically, I've always been able to rely on my grades as a selling point for applications, so I'm not sure if that's still the case or if I should be pretty worried about my chances of getting into any of the better programs that I applied to.
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