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  1. abnimbal-MPP

    CMU Heinz 2018

    Thank you for your message myshuffle. I wanted to have economics and business oriented course in the program. Moreover, I did not know about new programs in data science field. My complete focus was on policy plus technology courses. However, I now feel that I should be focusing more on ML/Stats courses as I already have policy experience and in this CMU will help me more than UChicago. Later after graduation, even if I decided to go in technology domain then also CMU name will help me.
  2. abnimbal-MPP

    CMU Heinz 2018

    Hello all, I am not able to finalise between CMU Heinz (MSPPM-Data Analytics) and UChicago (MSCAPP). I have received $10k scholarship from UChicago and 25% (around $24k) scholarship from -CMU. After graduation, I want to be Data Scientist/Analyst/technical consultant. MSCAPP is having great coursework which mainly focuses on Machine Learning/AI and lots of flexibility for selection of courses. CMU is also having good coursework but I do not know about flexibility of coursework selection. I want to take maximum number of technical/statistical courses as I am already having 3 years of public policy experience in Govt. of India and 2 years in IBM as Application Developer. I think CMU brand will help in becoming data scientist after graduation than UChicago. Guys need your suggestions.
  3. abnimbal-MPP

    Applying for MPP/MPA- Profile review

    Hi, I am applying for MPP/MPA program with following profile- GRE 308 (M-163, V-145, AWA-3.0) TOEFL 96 (R24,L26,S22,W24) GPA 3.7 I am having around 5 years of experience with around 3 years experience in Government of India on large scale projects. I have drafted some major policies for flagship schemes in government. Having good volunteer experience. I am having SOP aligned with dedication for serving people as well as strong LOR from from government officials. I am very keen to get into MPP and shortlisted following Universities- 1) Duke University 2) UChicago (MS-CAPP) 3) U of Austin 4) CMU Heinz 5) Ford School (Michigan) 6) University of Washington Please suggest safe university to apply. Or should I apply to Germany or Canada Universities. Kindly need help.
  4. abnimbal-MPP

    Duke Sanford AMA

    Hi @makingtheleap.back I am having GRE score of 308 (M-163, V-145), TOEFL (96) and GPA (3.7/4.0). I have pretty much good experience in Government for 2 years and having strong SOP and LOR clearly aligned with course MPP and my interest in public service. Kindly suggest, should I apply for MPP in Duke University? Thanks for the help.

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