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  1. speechie1996

    2018 Speech Pathology Graduate Applicants

    Thanks for the advice! I appreciate it! Congrats again
  2. speechie1996

    2018 Speech Pathology Graduate Applicants

    Congrats on Adelphi!! I also applied there and am looking forward to receiving an answer, hopefully soon!! What do you think the strongest part of your application was? Thanks
  3. speechie1996

    Should I retake my GRE?

    I'm a senior applying to graduate schools for Speech Pathology. My major is Health Sciences with a concentration in Communication disorders. I took my GRE and I got a 142 Verbal, 152 Quant and 3.5 writing. I know my scores are very average and I don't know if I should retake them.The minimum for all my schools is 140 Verbal and 152 Quant. My GPA is a 3.6 and I feel my essays are good and my letters will be good. My resume is really packed- I have over 1,000 service hours at many different locations, shadowing hours, I worked at an AAC communication camp, I am the President of a service organization and on the state board for the same organization, I help run the $40,000 Relay for Life event at my school and am on the committee for planning our annual "Day of Service". I also have research experience with a Speech Professor and am a part of NSSHLA on campus and have started an initiative for VocalID in our club. Do you think I should retake my GRE or do you the rest of my application will balance it all out? Thanks for the advice

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