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  1. I got into the University of Michigan's Master's of Science in Information program, and I'm thinking about studying the computational social sciences track. If I do this, I would still like apply to PhD programs in clinical or counseling psych during my last year at UM. Do y'all think admissions would look favorably upon the degree? If you have any advice on how to stay a competitive applicant, I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. To anyone who received an invite from UCSB or University of Oregon, could you PM me about which PI contacted you about it?
  3. Thanks for the advice. I don't really think I need to explain my situation but it's not about respecting them. I've already applied to programs based on fit regarding research interests, so this was more to prepare myself for massive disappointment if my parents decide a program is not worth it because of its ranking or distance away from them.
  4. yeah I only applied to fully funded programs, but my parents come from a culture where i cannot make any decisions without them until im married and i care about having a relationship with them. okay that's what i used but i wasn't sure if the ranking system was the best. thanks!
  5. Ugh yes! I just want to know if I got any interviews so I can start planning on applying to jobs (if I get no interviews) or buying plane tickets. When do y'all think I should worry about not getting any interview offers? Around late January?
  6. I'm also non binary and applying to clinical psych programs. Congrats on your interview offers! I agree with the above! I talked about my involvement with the LGBT community but didn't specify what I identify as specifically and asked my recommenders to use she/her pronouns just in case. While I agree that you probably don't want to be somewhere that won't accept your trans/nonbinary identity, it's so hard to be picky in this field, so I personally decided not to bring it up unless directly asked. I do have my pronouns in my email signature though. At my current institution those w
  7. Hi! So some of the programs I'm applying to are asking for a writing sample. I'm pretty bad at writing, so the two options I have are an article submission (accepted, not yet published) and my honors thesis proposal. I would rather share the article but I'm the second author on it. Can I still submit it as a writing sample and just point out which parts are mine?
  8. Hi! I've already applied to most of my schools for clinical psych Ph.D.s, but I was wondering, is there a good site to look at for the rankings of these programs? I'd like to use it if it ends up that I get into a program to show my parents how prestigious or not a school is (unfortunately this is the majority of what they care about when deciding whether they'll allow me to leave them or not, which is a whole different issue). If I knew ahead of time, I could better prepare myself for the rejection(s) and future, or come up with a good argument in the meantime. Thanks in advance
  9. Hi! I've posted in this forum previously, and since then I've gotten a near final draft for my statement of purpose. However, I have been given specific feedback for my statement that I'm not sure how to fix. Here's the feedback I've gotten so far: I wrote in my statement "[research program] was my gateway into the research world and fostered my love for it that has only grown since" and I've heard from others that using emotional words like "love" is a general no-no. Does anyone know what words I could use to replace it? "I feel like the way you put so much detail in your
  10. So I'm currently working on my UCSB Clinical Psych PhD application, which is due in less than two weeks. I'm not too worried, but I have an idea for the diversity statement that may or may not go over well with the admissions committee and I'd like some opinions on it. This is the prompt: UC Santa Barbara is interested in a diverse and inclusive graduate student population. Please describe any aspects of your personal background, accomplishments, or achievements that you feel are important in evaluating your application for graduate study. For example, please describe if you have e
  11. Hey! So I'm just about done with my first draft of my SOP (I know, I'm pretty late in the game) and going to get it reviewed by some advisors this week. After my second or third draft, would anyone (possibly psychology majors) be willing to exchange SOPs so we can give each other advice?
  12. Hi there! so I'm a senior in undergrad (sociology and psychology major) looking to apply to some clinical psychology PhD programs!From what I know, it's pretty taboo to talk about your own psychopathology on a personal statement. However, I have not so great grades from freshman year (a C+ in biology and a C in physics 2 and then a couple of Bs in social science classes), transferred to a better school, maintained a 3.5 GPA, and then this summer had to withdraw from a summer term so now I have two Ws on my transcript as well for linear algebra and intro to programming. All of this was due to m
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