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  1. Relocation can literally stress one out. Recently my sibling relocated to pursue her graduation. She hired a moving company and transported her household essentials. Meanwhile, she flew to California. After reaching their she asked us to ship her car through a shipping company. Well, this experience was pretty much satisfying. There are movers and shippers that provide reliable services. One can find useful reference about them through the Internet. It is easy and affordable to rely on them rather than doing the relocation process all by yourself.
  2. Feeling sad knowing your condition, but I could only suggest you to be strong. Don't quit, then it would be a lifelong regret, but cope up with your panics.
  3. Stay strong, everything is going to be okay. You will become independent and grow towards more and more self-sufficiency. It maybe difficult for you in the beginning, but remember you ain't lonely, you have a family, it's just that you are now enjoying your very own space.
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