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  1. Tomorrow, I'm heading to the second interview session at Emory. I see you two had conflicting opinions of the first weekend. Was there anything non-standard about the interview that you wish you would have prepared for? I would appreciate if either of you had any tips to offer. Thanks!
  2. Thank you! Yeah, I certainly can't complain. I went into this expecting to get zero interviews, so I'm doing ok.
  3. For those interested, I got a rejection email today from UNC Chapel Hill's Behavioral & Integrative Neuroscience Program.
  4. Congrats on the invite! I am interviewing March 8-10. I actually submitted my app way too early and got an invite back in December for this coming weekend, but I had to reschedule. They sent me a general schedule of events, though. It looks like they have dinner on Thursday, four 30-min interviews on Friday followed by what sounds like an icebreaker activity ("Clue Quest") and then reception and dinner. You'll probably get the same schedule soon. I read somewhere (on here, I think) that someone in the program said that they accept "most" invited applicants. That's all I found about post-interview acceptance rates. Are you interviewing that same weekend?
  5. Hey there. I agree with microbenerd in that the double major isn't going to help you too much, especially if you don't have an interest in chemistry and aren't planning to apply to a biochemistry-specific program. However, and I don't know if this is true for your school, but some upper level bio classes might have at least the first sections of orgo and biochem as prereqs. For example, my senior-level cell bio class had these. That being said, I started my undergrad with similar goals to yours (neuroscience grad school) and began majoring in biochem. After making Cs in Chem II, Orgo I, and Biochem I, I realized I didn't like chemistry and that it would just continue to hurt my GPA and damage my resolve. I switched to a relatively soft major (psychology), minoring in bio, and eventually graduated with a decently high GPA. I actually learned more about neuroscience in my psych classes than I did in my bio classes. That isn't to say that cell bio, biochem, and neurobiology weren't extremely helpful. By I learned MOST of what I needed to know for grad school from working in a lab and independently reading about what interests me. Do join a lab ASAP. If I can get interviews for biomed neuroscience programs with a psych major and 2 yrs of research experience, you can probably do it with a bio major and just as much or more research experience. Good luck!
  6. I got an interview with MD Anderson. They have interviews through March, so I don't know if they're done with invites yet.
  7. Thanks for the advice. I guess I have read all the ones I'm extremely interested in already. I just wanted to cover my bases, not knowing what to expect. Now I suppose I won't spend this whole coming week frantically studying.
  8. I heard from Emory in December. I think it might have been their only invite because they mentioned how many total interviewees they were going to have over their two dates. My first is next week, too! I've been reading papers of the faculty members with whom I'm interviewing and taking notes. I'm starting with the most recent review papers from each lab, then going back and reading their most recent actual study papers. Good luck!
  9. It's later! The last weekend in February, actually.
  10. UNC Chapel Hill BBSP must be sending out their second day's worth of rejections. I just got mine a half an hour or so ago.
  11. I hope you are, too. I remember seeing your stats post and thinking it was uncanny how close your GPA, GRE scores, research experience and interests were to my own. You even outrank me in a few areas. Based on your interests, I imagine you are probably looking at some of the same POIs at Maryland that I am. If you don't get an invite, I'd be really surprised.
  12. Thank you for putting it like that for me. I haven't really thought about the fact that the organizer and the admissions committee are separate. Some people have said that to ask to change an interview date after already setting one up is a bad move, but I think that because I would be willing to visit at faculty's leisure, it might not be such a mark against me. Thank you, again, for offering your opinion.
  13. Hello, all. I just wanted to solicit your opinions on what may be my best option in a situation that isn't entirely unique, but I feel is unique enough to warrant me asking a question that has been asked many times already. So, I received an interview invite very early in the game from a school that is close to my home, moderately ranked, and has a somewhat decent research match, according to my own interests. More recently, I received an invite from a similarly ranked school with a much closer research fit. Both dates offered conflicted with previous interview invitations, so they offered me a Skype interview. However, I really want to visit this second school and I am worried that a Skype interview might be unfulfilling, for both the interviewers and myself. I also think that, given the choice, the second school would rank higher for me on a personal level. Now, I do not want to cut ties with this first school, but I know that they have multiple interview dates and that I am within driving distance, so they have not had to buy flight tickets. What I am currently debating is if it might be detrimental to my chances with the first school if I asked for either an alternate date or offered to visit the school and chat with faculty at an unofficial time, seeing as how I live very close by. I also wonder if it would look weird to the second school if I told them that, because I really want to visit in person, I have rearranged my schedule to allow me to attend one of the previously-offered dates. My other choice would be to simply go along with the Skype interview. However, I feel that if I did this and was eventually not accepted to this school, I would regret not making the prior choice. I know this question has been played out many times before, but I would appreciate any questions or advice that any of you might be able to send my way. Thank you all.
  14. I got an invite today for the University of Maryland SOM GPILS Neuroscience program for Feb 9th or Feb 23rd. It's my third invite and both dates conflict with the previous two. I guess I'm sending that painful email asking for "alternate arrangements," which at least the email mentioned were possible. I don't know how some folks swing half a dozen or more interviews. Now I'm nervous about both rejections and invites.
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