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  1. Anyone know if Pitt will be sending out more interviews this week? Starting to wonder when/if I'll hear back soon or if I'll be waiting until April...
  2. Thanks for saying that! And I'm glad it was good news for you and your family! Good luck to you in your interview process -- kick butt!
  3. Yay! Congratulations! I saw your app for Pitt is still pending -- same here. I hope we hear back soon! I'm nervous due to my GRE scores, but hopefully, my grades & experience will make up for it... who knows. How do you feel about your chances Pitt so far? I feel like others' experiences with Pitt has been 50/50
  4. Thanks! Ugh, end of Feb/early March... that's torture haha. I'm not keeping my hopes up too high but the waiting game is nerve-racking. Did you end up getting accepted to Pitt or any other programs last year?
  5. Hello, fellow applicants! Wondering if any of you have applied to Pitt's GC program? I, riskily, only applied to Pitt since I am geographically limited and am a homeowner. Anyway, I wanted to check and see if anyone has heard anything back yet or just want to share some feelings and/or concerns -- I know this is a very stressful time for all of us! Good luck to you all and I hope we all can achieve our dreams one way or another By the way, I heard back from Pitt on 1/3 informing me that my application was verified and officially going to be/being reviewed by the committee.
  6. Hi everyone! I am an applicant for Genetic Counseling at the University of Pittsburgh. My application is officially being reviewed as of a few weeks/a month ago and I'm basically just playing the waiting game. A few stats about me: 26 years old, graduating with a BS in Biology April 2018, 3.34 GPA, 5 years pharmacy experience, GC shadowing experience, bereavement counseling volunteer, research experience, and personal GC experience. I only applied to UPitt -- kind of scary, but hoping for the best. Anyone else applying to GC programs for Fall 2018?
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