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  1. Medieval Applicants (2018)

    Awesome! Congrats.
  2. Medieval Applicants (2018)

    any news on Cornell's Medieval Studies?
  3. Medieval Applicants (2018)

    I am so sorry! Worst case scenario tho, you'll be attending Michigan and that's an excellent program. Not too shabby.
  4. Medieval Applicants (2018)

    So who's going to Notre Dame this week for the recruitment visit?
  5. Medieval Applicants (2018)

    Medieval Institute.
  6. Medieval Applicants (2018)

    How did you do? Mine was less than 20 min.
  7. Medieval Applicants (2018)

    What do you mean? Are you going to the recruitment visit?
  8. Medieval Applicants (2018)

    I think we can debate about how flexible programs can be forever. The truth is that specific programs in medieval studies in North America (Toronto, Notre Dame, etc.) won't accept applicants without decent Latin. The good thing is that, as you said, good master programs in medieval history/studies are very flexible about language requirements. These programs understand that the MA period can also serve to polish or improve language skills.
  9. Medieval Applicants (2018)

    To be completely honest, I don't think you can be a medievalist without good Latin. Also, it's rare to encounter people in the field without reading skills in French, German, and Italian.
  10. Medieval Applicants (2018)

    how's everybody's cycle going so far?
  11. Fall 2018 Applicants

    Has anybody heard from Notre Dame?