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  1. Could you guys tell what stipend did uchicago offer?
  2. I guess we will not hear anything from Yale today ..
  3. Claiming a MIT reject, Cornell and Toronto waitlist..
  4. And by any chance could people who have been offered admission to Duke share their stipend package? I am wondering if mine is low on purpose as its not even close to the 35k mentioned above..
  5. May I ask if you have any information regarding your Duke package, as it differs from the ones I as well as my friends received, about 29K. Did you negotiate or was it displayed like that from the beginning? Or do you inclue the health insurance and the fee scholarships as part of your mentioned stipend?
  6. Just received a rejection from Stanford.. No email, just checked applyweb and a button called view your decision letter appeared..
  7. You are not alone... i guess they sent them out yesterday
  8. Are you accepted at MIT? And did any other person heard from MIT?
  9. Congrats all who got in! And is anyone claiming the Columbia admit?
  10. The last time this happened to me, I got an admit. I asked this to a professor, and he said it is probably something procedural, before they send out your acceptance. And thats what had happened as well.
  11. Thanks for your comments, they are truly helpful and congrats on the admits! One question, did you apply to Stanford and if yes, when do you expect the results?
  12. Is there anyone else who received personalized emails from schools like Duke or UCSD professors after receiving an acceptance?
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