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  1. Hey everyone, I didn't see a thread on this topic, so I figured that I would make one. So I am planning to go to a regional conference with one goal being to talk among local researchers about how we could work together on future projects. I'm curious how you even go about making new collaborations with new researchers. What questions do you want to ask or topics should you plan to cover during the conversation? I do have some ideas for collaboration (trying to combine experimental and computational modelling efforts) down the road, but I haven't really done much work to show these
  2. I'm literally just taking one carry-on bag worth and backpack worth of clothes and essential items (laptop, other necessary work items) for the next two months of travel/work that's conveniently funding my way to my final destination and my apartment. I've planned well ahead to have an apartment when I get into town and will just have my parents ship a few items (air mattress, a box of personal possessions) shortly before I arrive. I don't really want to be stressed with finding a place while I crash in a gracious student's apt, so planning ahead, even with a credit card, pays off more with yo
  3. Thanks for the great insight TakeruK! I was looking for a strategy to limit my note-writing, and your method of leaving each point to 1 line sounds like the perfect way to compromise excessive notes and would force me to more concisely describe and remember ideas. I've definitely seen that progression from advisor to student leading meetings during my current research project and feel that my advisor appreciates that preparation. I feel the need to have something prepared for a meeting or else I would just be a disorganized mess trying to conduct the meeting, but I'll be sure to be clear about
  4. As I look back at my research meeting notes from undergrad, I always found taking notes during meetings to be an annoyance and just typically distract me from keeping active in the conversation. What might be the best strategy to keep track of new ideas suggested for exploring further after the meeting that doesn't involve writing a page of notes? Recording the conversation seems more cumbersome having to filter through 30-60 minutes of audio. Is there a particular note taking strategy or practice that works for more experienced graduate students?
  5. I found it tacky when I reviewed undergrad resumes for a student organization too since I will get to see your face if I'm actually interested in your application. Besides, seeing your face adds no value to your application/CV. I prefer to eliminate any arbitrary details of an applicant's profile (name, race, pic, etc.) since I only want to evaluate experience and skills from your CV.
  6. This is a very helpful and insightful thread as I'm freaking out about preparing for my 1st long distance move! ? I'm currently planning to get a 2 bed apt with a roommate, but I have no way of getting out to my new town until 2 weeks before orientation due to summer camp work. Is there any way that I ensure when searching for apartments by housing companies? For instance, would be it odd to request a "virtual" tour where I ask to see a walkthrough of the apartment via video chat, like Skype or similar service?
  7. If they are both (likely) at your home institute, then I'd imagine that they likely share grants where each advisor serves as a PI on their own grant, so they would likely contribute fairly equal roles for the advising and funding of the research project that they have in mind for you. I have a similar situation in the US where I will have two supervisors, but at 2 different institutes (home university and gov't science institute). However, my funding will solely come from my university advisor, but the secondary advisor and their colleagues are all serving as Co-PIs for a grant by my uni
  8. Thanks a lot for the great advice and insights on planetary science TakeruK! I agree that I really like the inter-disciplinary nature of planetary science and pursued my undergrad to learn many Earth science disciplines to be prepared for this field. You have a good point that I've put too much pressure on myself to think that I need my dissertation topic before entering grad school, but it's reassuring that having a good background in the field has put me "a step ahead" with potential ideas.
  9. I am fairly certain that I want to attend Idaho, but I have this "mental barrier" that is making me apprehensive to fully commit since I feel I won't find viable research topic(s), given my specific circumstances. In my case, I have all of the usable data sets available to me (from an expired satellite mission), but the data has been scoured over for many years to the point that all of my ideas have already been done by other researchers. I read the literature (for ~3 months now) and get overwhelmed since I can't find any good ideas that haven't been explored yet. My POI has assured me that th
  10. Kinda forgot to come back to this question lol. I definitely appreciate all of the advice from everyone's different perspectives! My situation is a bit more complicated with regards to the authorship situation considering that I was assigned to an abandoned PhD project that was 4 more years in the works such that the methods were pretty well established. I then came on to regenerate the programming procedures for the methods and gathered newer, updated datasets for the analysis. My advisor and I have working together to finish producing the results (developing a multi-regression model) and do
  11. I am currently working on 1.5 year research project that I started as a senior undergraduate, but my advisor doesn't expect us to have the final results and write-up for publication ready by the end of summer and says that I could just work with her in my first-year of PhD to finish up the publication. Does this seem like a reasonable expectation for me to follow through with considering that I will be busy with classes and maybe TAing once I start grad school? One note is that I have not established whether I would be first author as the research ideas are credited to my advisor, but I h
  12. Lol it is meant to reference when an Indian tried to spell Gordon Ramsay's name when he visited India. Yeah you just got the straggler school. Tbf, the POI seems very busy though with 8 publications (2 first-author) for 2018 alone...so he gets a pass for now, but not in 2 weeks
  13. I applied to 2 schools in the UK as well and have had the same concerns with doing a PhD in 4 yrs (skipping Masters too), but apparently my POI at Exeter has said that the American vs UK/European graduate school programs are quite disputed. He described it to me as the UK system just skips the "qualifying exam rubbish" and doesn't try to waste time having students taking 1-2 yrs of graduate courses, which takes away from research. Although, he told me that he has his students sit in on a few masters-level core classes, like fluid dynamics, to gain foundation knowledge expected for the research
  14. Lol "fast" = "sometime; maybe in April". I had one POI send me emails after each interview how "my CV/interview went and how my research proposal is sure to be chosen for a fellowship. Then emails me last week saying he was sorry that he couldn't add me to his team (as if I rejected) only to say that I should hear back the next day about it after correcting him. Still have no word on the admission or fellowship
  15. Yeah I still have 4/7 to hear back from (one being my top school). Even for the "safety" schools that I've got accepted nearly a month ago, I just heard today about an unofficial estimate for one. Calling the department only turns up: "They haven't made decisions quite yet, but they're close", but still nothing after 2 weeks.
  16. I'm currently thinking I might be going to Idaho for Physics PhD (planetary science focus) if my top school rejects me. Plan to visit at end of March and hope the area is not too remote for a biker. I like how the two schools are so close. @EvelynD I would likely want to live with a roommate to save on rent money but I hear the area is dirt cheap too.
  17. Northern Arizona University(NAU) Physics & Astronomy, PhD (F18) Other via Phone on 5 Mar 2018 A 5 Mar 2018 previous OP, I just called after seeing your update and they said no decisions have been made...way to freak me out. Northern Arizona University(NAU) Physics And Astronomy, PhD (F18) Wait listed via E-mail on 28 Feb 2018 28 Feb 2018 report spam Upon inquiry, officially waitlisted. If you've been accepted and do not
  18. @senorbrightside I completely with @Oklash that a gap year is completely worth taking the time off to reflect on your undergraduate and get a reprieve from the ~16 yrs of continuous school that you likely went through. Taking a year off >> potentially doubling your student debt (no matter how great the research program might be) for a MA. I personally gave up applying half way through last season because I had been so overwhelmed by my senior year and felt clueless about what I wanted to do in graduate school (even now, I'm very conflicted). During my gap year, I did research
  19. @Bayesian1701Yup it sucks stalling on that top program that seems like the perfect fit from every POV, but they can't deliver it...I would be content going with either of my 2 current acceptances (even with unofficial full funding), but I must know this one decision before being certain to the unfortunate of waitlisted people.
  20. For my top school, I see only results posted of people getting waitlisted (no acceptances) and begging in the comments for accepted ppl to drop if they don't want to go. Meanwhile, I haven't heard back yet have direct experience in my POI's research area with my senior thesis (I thought this was a differientator). Also, acceptance letters went out by this time in previous years. The anxiety of quietly waiting is too real. *My brain on fire like Spongebob trying to remember his name*
  21. Fishnerd, The POI has responded to all of my emails within 24 hours, and it has been 5 days since I last talked to them. In any case, I'll just be patient since they are likely busy with more important tasks now.
  22. Yeah I did think it was rude as well, but you may have a point about midterms. So, I can just give them the benefit of the doubt and ask at a later date in March, considering that they have promised me funding with an RA if I wasn't awarded a TAship.
  23. I have been accepted to a lower tier Physics PhD program and only applied because of one POI that has the exact research I want to pursue in grad school. So I contacted my POI after hearing about my acceptance and requested to have a Skype meeting since I did not receive an invitation to visit the campus. But, the POI ignored my request in two separate emails inquiring about a meeting time. Is this normal for POIs to ignore or possibly postpone a meeting request after getting acceptance? I figured this seemed like the next logical step to establish base with them on research ideas and su
  24. In either case, it sounds like a bet worth taking after hearing your thoughts! They have referred to themselves and their official profile is listed as a postdoc. This is at a major observatory in Arizona, so the "soft money" institution and partnership with their research scientists might be the likely situation for my postdoc advisor. More specifically, the postdoc was awarded a NASA SSW (Solar System Workings) grant that includes funding to do the graduate student work, so I would believe that they are the PI and the main advisor for the PhD. The research is right up my alley for where
  25. Hey TakeruK, It appears it to be a complex arrangement since this project is fully-funded (4-5 years) with a new NASA grant by the postdoc who works at a partner observatory with the university's Astronomy department. The postdoc specifically said in an email that they are the main advisor and are able to join as a chair of graduate student committees. Their respective advisor works at the partner observatory too...who would presumably be my main advisor. Not sure what to think about the situation unless it is a hint that the postdoc will become a permanent scientist at the partner observ
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