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  1. Hey! Just randomly saw this, and thought I'd respond. Take this with a grain of salt, though - I am fresh out of undergrad, and just got accepted into grad schools for this Fall. So I started researching grad schools when I was a sophomore in undergrad, and my "top" schools changed monthly. Your'e probably already doing this, but keep in mind that big name schools are great and all, but the school needs to be a good fit for you specifically. I applied to 5 schools (details in signature below). Personally, and I guess I am biased because I accepted the offer, I would heavily consider
  2. Well, my grad school application process is over... I am going to Miami University! I was FINALLY notified of a decision from University of Washington yesterday. They rejected me, but I'm honestly just glad I finally found out. I just wanted to thank everyone on here for helping me through this process -- I haven't been the most active, but reading everyone's posts has been so helpful. Good luck to everyone!!
  3. I ended up declining their offer. I just couldn't do it with no funding :/ It's definitely disappointing-- Boston seems like a great school.
  4. Rejected from Temple via the application portal. They never sent a notification to my email-- I just happened to check it this morning. Edit: Forgot to say-- I still have not heard from University of Washington. They said applicants should know by late March, but.... I dunno. Probably delayed rejection.
  5. Got accepted into Boston University (moved from wait-list) on 3/28! No funding offered.
  6. Has anyone been accepted into the University of Washington for Painting + Drawing?
  7. Just declined my PAFA offer, so there might be an opening if anyone here is on the wait-list
  8. Yeah, I actually went to visit this weekend! Met some grad students and had lunch with faculty. They are great, and the campus is beautiful. There are so many forest hiking trails around the campus which is nice because I paint outside a lot. I'm most likely going there, and I'm excited about being able to have so much one-on-one with the faculty.
  9. Yeah, it sure is taking a while When I interviewed, they told me decisions would be out by March 1st -- so I'm thinking there must have been some unforeseen delay.
  10. To all the people who interviewed with Boston U for painting: I emailed them yesterday, and they responded to me today. They told me that they are finishing up their decisions and that letters will be delivered via email within the next two weeks. So this means either they didn't send out any physical mail acceptance letters or that I didn't get accepted. I'd be interested to know if anyone has received anything yet
  11. Nothing yet. I sent the department an email today asking when I should expect to hear back, but I haven't received a response. I didn't think about the possibility of them sending physical letters. Hmm.. I'll keep an eye on my mailbox (digital and physical)!
  12. cme000

    Oxford, OH

    I was accepted into Miami's MFA in Studio Art program yesterday! I haven't decided for sure yet, but I am thinking I'll be going here in the Fall. Anyone else here going in the Fall? Can anyone tell me a bit about current apartments/areas to live?
  13. Not yet. I asked during my interview when I should expect to hear back, and they told me their decisions will be sent out by March 1. So hopefully we will hear back today or tomorrow!
  14. I received an interview invite from Boston U on Feb. 2, and my interview was on Feb. 22. They are going to let me know their decision by March 1! I can't say for sure that this is normal because it's the only interview request I have received so far. Hope this helps!
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