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  1. Vallhala

    University of Toronto - 2018

    Hi! Do you have any idea when they send out acceptance emails? I applied by the Jan 31 deadline.
  2. Vallhala

    UBC or Toronto?

    @legroschat as an American, $5000 sounds RIDICULOUSLY cheap, what you’d pay for a terrible community college ? I’m paying 60,000 a year for my undergrad
  3. Vallhala

    MLIS/Information science with HCI or UX focus?

    @myrmidonqueen how do you like MISt at McGill? I just got an offer of admission and I’m not sure if I should accept, I saw negative reviews regarding job preparation there.
  4. Vallhala

    Library Science Applications Fall 2018

    @villarchives same exact boat; but I’d rather go to U of T and I’m worried I won’t hear back from them in time. Do you think McGill would grant us an extension for decision?

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