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  1. From what I have seen, Texas A&M and Penn State have good placements. Not amazing placements, but still good. As long as you are ambitious and motivated, I think you could make a great go of it with either option. Really, it comes down to do you want to take a risk and take the Masters from Chicago or NYU and maybe get into their Ph. D. programs down the line or take the sure fire bet and just go for A&M or Penn State now? If it were me, I would go with Penn State or Texas A&M. The road will be rockier for stellar placement, but as long as you stay motivated, you will get what
  2. Potentially or they are still reviewing. They seem to be taking their time with some.
  3. I would check your portal. I got mine from NEU a few days ago (rejection). I'm still waiting to hear from The Fletcher School at Tufts.
  4. School Name: The New School for Social Research Subfield IR Funded/not funded: Partial Funding Type of funding: Tuition Remission (75%)
  5. I'm still waiting on Brandeis, Tufts, and New School myself.
  6. That means you have been accepted. That was probably an email from a professor who is interested in your work. Your official acceptance letter should be coming soon after. It might not be "official." However, I have yet to see any instance in which a professor messaged a student and then got rejected in the official statement.
  7. Out of the five remaining for me, I have only heard definite answers handed out for one of them. One is handing out interviews. im just hoping to have it finished in two weeks.
  8. Is anyone else in my boat going into March and still have half of their list unanswered? I'm just getting the feeling that the clock is winding down, everyone seems complete for better or worse. Yet, I'm only half way through acceptances and rejections.
  9. Man am I bad a poetry. But I can give it a go. December It is complete A process, I hope to never repeat Ten potential schools in sight My future, hopefully, looking bright. Waiting January Waiting, Waiting, Waiting My hopes slowly fading February the time expected Still the fear of being rejected Still Waiting February The first five letters come in My head is in a spin Acceptance, Rejection, a mixed bag My future, dreams, and shoulder being to sag The End, still waiting March What is to come, I do not know Why must these final schools be so slo
  10. The feelings of fear, acceptance, rejection, elation, and extreme situational depression can be felt on each and every page. It is like a roller coaster made out of academia.
  11. I kind of want a thread now just so I can hear about some of these horror stories.
  12. It has been painful. I got four letters out the gate, first week of February. That was followed by nothing for weeks. i just want some closure so I can get to work on planning the move and what not... and yeah one or two more acceptances would be amazing!
  13. Well that is just makes me sad. I have to wait another week for closure.
  14. That just blows my mind that visiting students would behave that way. Some of it, I do understand. Finances and negative aspects of a program are important discussion topics if they are handled correctly and respectfully. But harassing students and just generally being a jerk... That just shocks me.
  15. It bounces from school to school and depends on the competitiveness. But, from my experience, it is always the sooner the better. Priority deadline means you get first shot at being admitted and offered funding/scholarship/fellowship/etc. packages. Final deadline is just the last date you can apply and be considered for admission. After priority deadline, it seems to be mainly filling slots for the program and offering funding... If funding is still available.
  16. Some MA programs have been coming out. However, I think most of them are still coming later in the season.
  17. So in other words, don't be a dick while you are visiting.
  18. Also claiming an official rejection from Penn. Good to finally have some closure.
  19. Oh I was curious about which ones you were curious about. I didn't get a chance to apply to any places out of the USA. I wanted to apply to Ottawa and LSE. But both of those plans fell through.
  20. Any specifics? Because some went out a while ago.
  21. Some yes. I'm not known for my subtle touch to a fault. Others I had ins and recommendations. My letter writers helped get me in contact for others. Essentially, I cold emailed if I didn't have any other options and couldn't get the info somewhere else. Worked surprisingly well for some. Not so well for others.
  22. The wait I'm there with you. But was there something in particular about the letter that was rude? Just kind of curious If we got the same letter. Mine was just painfully generic... Which is also pretty rude.
  23. I'm still waiting on 5 official letters. But I can safely assume 3 are going to be rejections out of hand. Anyone else getting that hopeless sinking feeling seep slowly in?
  24. That is understandable. If that is the case, Northeastern could definitely take you on for an MA program.
  25. I feel like I am in that same sinking ship with you. I do know that they snag quite a bit of Ph. D. applicants to bolster their MA program. But their scholarship and what not for their MA programs isn't that great compared to the cost.
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