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  1. So Guys would you help me please. I am accepted to the International Education Policy and Management in Peabody School of Education in Vanderbilt University and also the Education Policy and Leadership Program in American university. I have got merit scholarship from AU and Vanderbilt promised me the same thing too (vandy has not sent me the official announcement about the funding yet). Vandy offers Thesis or capstone project while AU offers capstone only. What do you think guys?
  2. I took the MED in IEPM and lucky I was just informed admitted to this program. You have far greater experience and qualifications than mine and i believe you will be accepted
  3. I am admitted to The IEPM Program and was informed to get a merit scholarship.
  4. Hi everyone. I am Rian from Indonesia. I am a Fulbright scholarship from Indonesia this year. I had applied to several universities approved by the Fulbright committee in this order of preference: 1) Vanderbilt University (Peabody School of Education); Admitted but still waiting for the merit scholarship 2) UIUC ; waiting 3) Lehigh University Pennsylvania ; waiting 4) Bowling Green State Ohio; waiting 5) American University ; Admitted and granted merit scholarship worth 30k for 2-year program. At this point actually I do not care about my 2nd-4th list anymo
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